AODocs change log

This article lists all the updates made to AODocs since 23 February 2024.

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This change log covers the following AODocs components:

Note: Under normal circumstances, all releases are deployed to all customer domains and instances (US and EU). Learn more: What are AODocs instances? However, AODocs Life Sciences domains use a separate release cycle. We may occasionally restrict the deployment to specific domains or instances for technical reasons.

Details of major releases and hot fixes

AODocs web application 64.4 released on 23 May 2024

This release fixes a regression introduced with AODocs web application 64.3.

Bug fixes: 

  • Super administrators were no longer able to attach files to templates and documents.
  • File type icons were missing when attaching a Google Sheet, Slide or Drawing to a document.

File Storage Manager 3.7 released on 23 May 2024 

Bug fixes:

  • We fixed a bug which prevented a document from being checked out when the read-only when not checked out option was set, in Google Cloud Storage or Azure Blob Storage libraries only.
  • We fixed a bug which prevented users from accessing some attachments in copied Google Cloud Storage or Azure Blob Storage libraries.

Technical improvement:

  • We improved some technical tests on the product.

AODocs backend 64.7 released on 22 May 2024 

Bug fixes

  • We fixed two bugs which happened when the optimization on conditional logic was enabled:
    • the property name and ID are now specified in all error messages
    • the line number is now correct in all error messages

Note: from now on, the column number in the error messages is no longer reported, since it’s meaningless.

  • An issue was preventing AODocs from knowing if sending an email was successful or not. This has been fixed.
  • Synchronization of Drive labels from Drive to AODocs: when a document is checked in and Drive labels were updated while in the draft state, the new labels are now correctly retrieved in the new version of the document.
  • When an AODocs domain is under "maintenance”, some automatic technical operations are now skipped to reduce infrastructure costs.

Feature improvements

  • Our Support teams can now copy many libraries in one go, across different domains.
  • We can now clean very large AODocs domains more easily.
  • It's not possible to check out an AODocs document when an attachment is encrypted with Google's client-side encryption.
  • We can now specify the required domain when generating a refresh token for a specific scope. This can be useful for specific custom scripts.

Technical improvements

  • We improved the way we release AODocs.
  • We stop executing outdated automatic maintenance tasks to reduce infrastructure costs.

AODocs web application 64.3 released on 21 May 2024

Feature improvements:

  • We reordered the folder actions in the new views contextual menu and, in Team Folders and Secured Folders only, added an action Open in Google Drive.
  • We reintroduced the button Open in Google Drive in the top action bar in Team Folders and Secured Folders. This button is available when nothing is selected. Clicking this button opens the current folder in Drive.

Bug fixes:

  • When users created two Google attached files in a document quickly one after the other, the second file wasn't attached to the document.
  • An attached file was lost without warning when two users tried to add an attached file to the same document at the same time.

AODocs backend 64.6 released on 6 May 2024

Feature improvements

  • We improved our internal tool to purge (discard) an AODocs tenant.
  • Users can't check out an AODocs document that has an attached file encrypted with client-side encryption (CSE).

Note: This is the backend part of the feature only. The frontend part will be released at a later date.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed a bug that created a bottleneck on the list of notification emails to send out.
  • We fixed a bug to prevent unnecessary interactions with Google Drive when an AODocs domain has been fully switched to Microsoft Azure. This is to avoid unnecessary infrastructure costs.

Technical improvements

We made improvements to some of our automatic maintenance tasks:

  • We fixed an issue which made some automatic maintenance tasks fail.
  • We reduced the frequency of running tasks on libraries that have been archived.

AODocs backend 64.5 released on 25 April 2024

Bug fixes

  • We optimized the execution of conditional logic formulas:

    • We fixed a bug that prevented a formula from running when there was an initial blank line.

    • We fixed a bug that displayed "[]" in an empty calculated multi-value property, instead of displaying nothing.

  • Microsoft Word DOC attached files are now searchable in Google Cloud Storage or Azure Blob Storage libraries:
    • With the AODocs backend 64.1 release we fixed the issue for newly attached DOC files.
    • With this release, the DOC files already attached to documents will be searchable again. However, this operation must be triggered by the AODocs Support team and it will be effective a few days after the AODocs 64.5 release.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented the SENT_NOTIFICATION audit log event from being created after sending an email.

Feature improvement

  • We improved the security on the feature allowing AODocs support teams to copy a library across various domains.

AODocs web application 64.2 released on 17 April 2024

Important: This release was deployed to the US instance only. 

Feature improvement: We updated the text on the domain administration AODocs Super administrators page to make it clearer.

Bug fixes

  • There's no longer an error when you click Save twice in a newly created document.
  • Related item titles now use the full available width.
  • The search box is no longer filled with the previous query when you switch views.
  • Dates are now displayed correctly when the language is set to en_AU.
  • The Edit button is no longer deactivated for a long time when you open a document.
  • Bulk file downloader in Google Cloud Storage and Azure Blob storage libraries no longer fails when files have parenthesis in their name.

Technical improvement: We enabled the use of the Advanced viewer on a dedicated instance. Additional steps are required before it becomes available.

AODocs backend R64.4 released on 17 April 2024

Feature improvements

  • When you create a document using the API, you can't add an attachment to a previous version if it's encrypted with Google client-side encryption.
  • Previous versions of a document are now updated when a Google Drive label changes.
  • We scaled up the API to perform sanity checks before a library switch, so the switch can be executed on multiple libraries. This API is restricted to the AODocs Support team.

Bug fixes

  • When you create a new version of a document, Drive labels are no longer duplicated.
  • We fixed a bug that affected the eSign connector and the PDF Generator, preventing many features from working properly.
  • When a library is in error, automatic (time-based) workflow transitions are now skipped.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented users with email aliases from opening the validation page from a workflow validation email.
  • When you create a new version of a document, Drive labels are no longer duplicated
  • We fixed a bug on a feature that is not yet publicly available.

Technical improvements

  • Technical operations are now avoided when a library is archived, or when a domain is in error.
  • We removed various meaningless technical logs, to save storage costs.
  • We fixed a technical bug which caused problems when there was a high number of internal service accounts.
  • Some operations have been made more robust in the event of a memory issue.
  • We improved the technical logs when AODocs performs a search query in Google Drive.
  • We made several improvements to the way we ship new AODocs releases.
  • We improved the technical tests for the Drive label synchronization feature.
  • We improved our internal technical logging system.

AODocs backend 64.3 released on 9 April 2024

New features and feature improvements

  • It's now possible to purge (cleanse) an AODocs domain in MAINTENANCE status.
  • We changed the way Drive Labels are handled on template documents from Drive to AODocs.

Technical improvements

  • We removed various meaningless technical logs, to save storage costs.
  • We improved the way we ship new AODocs releases.

AODocs backend 64.2 released on 3 April 2024

New features and feature improvements

  • We added a new API that allows new views to display the "Browse by folders" panel easily, according to which pre-filters are set on the view.
  • It's now possible to index a single email address, to make it searchable. This feature is restricted to the AODocs Support team.
  • We made improvements to the synchronization between AODocs and Google Drive labels.
  • It's now possible to enable or disable the preview & download of attachments from previous versions of an AODocs document, when Google Cloud Platform and Google Cloud Storage are considered "untrusted".
  • It's now possible to retrieve all the documents from a library, in an unordered way, from the API (required by the AODocs Retention Module).
  • We stopped backing up some unnecessary data (AODocs technical backup).
  • We improved the readability of technical logs coming from Google Cloud Storage and Azure Blob Storage.
  • Technical logs are now saved in BigQuery on all environments, so they can be used by our technical teams even after the initial 30-day retention period. This was previously only available on the US production environment.
  • We improved the way we develop features and fixes in minor releases.
  • We improved the way AODocs manages notifications from Google Drive, so they can be used by other features.
  • We improved the way we ship new AODocs releases.
  • We removed various meaningless technical logs, to save storage costs.
  • We automated some maintenance tasks on the delayed domains (AODocs Life Sciences), which previously had to be handled manually.

Improvements on the support of Google client-side encryption:

  • It is not possible to create a draft from a document which has an encrypted attachment.
  • It is not possible to create an AODocs document with a new encrypted Drive attached file from custom scripts.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed an issue that prevented AODocs from displaying some search results.
  • When a parallel workflow transition fails, the PARALLEL_VALIDATION_ACTION audit log event is no longer generated.
  • In DOCUMENT_UPDATED audit log events, the File type filter appeared as if it had been changed. However, this didn't reflect any real changes that the user had performed on the file. AODocs now ignores these meaningless changes for the the File type filter.
  • We fixed an issue preventing external users from attaching one of their Drive files to an AODocs document.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented some users from seeing all the libraries from the homepage.
  • We fixed an issue on an AODocs API so lists of subfolders are now returned in the proper order.
  • To ensure consistency, as long as a library is locked (for example, because it's being switched), it can't be deleted.
  • We fixed a memory issue on a private API (restricted to Support and Operations teams).

In addition we made various technical improvements.

AODocs backend 64.1 rolled out on 19 to 20 March 2024 (production domains)

Learn more: AODocs R64 Release notes.

AODocs backend 64.1 released on 14 March 2024 (test domains)

Bug fixes

  • We fixed a bug that prevented Word DOC files from being searched when they were stored on Google Cloud Storage or Azure Blob Storage. The bug didn't occur with the DOCX format. The fix only applies to newly created attached files. We still need to fix the bug for existing files. 
  • We fixed two technical bugs that affected our automatic tests.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented email notifications from being sent when using the Emails to documents feature.
  • We fixed a bug on the upcoming custom sender domain feature, which bypassed the configuration on the library or domain.

New features

  • In the view configuration, the system property MIME type group was renamed to File type
  • Improvements on the new ability to synchronize labels between AODocs and Google Drive.

Technical improvements

  • We improved the automatic tests on the custom sender domain feature.
  • We fixed a bug on our tracking system.
  • We fixed a bug on our release system.

AODocs backend 63.9 released on 11 March 2024

New features

  • When an attachment is encrypted using Google Workspace Client-Side Encryption (CSE), users are now prevented from copying the AODocs document (from the user interface, REST API and custom script).
  • When creating a new AODocs document in a draft state from the API in a Team Folder or Secured Folder, AODocs checks the presence and consistency of the attachment.

Bug fixes

  • When copying a library, there were sometimes issues with the copy of custom scripts; this is now fixed.
  • Technical fix on user redirection, set after an AODocs domain has been moved from one AODocs instance to another one.
  • We increased the technical performances of the EU instance, to better serve all the customers using this instance.

Technical improvements

  • Two minor fixes and an improvement on the way we ship new releases of AODocs.

AODocs 64 released on 5 March 2024 (test domains)

AODocs R64 is enabled on customer test domains, in both US and EU production environments. 

AODocs backend 63.8 released on 28 February 2024

New features:

  • It's now possible to import a new AODocs document in a draft workflow state.
  • From a custom script, you can set the value of a Reference Catalog property using its ID, and not only its name.

Bug fixes

  • The custom configuration flag that lets users change the maximum number of pending workflow tasks listed on the library homepage to above the default value of 100 wasn’t working. We fixed it, so you can now use it again for an entire domain or individual libraries.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented users from sending workflow notification emails with the Mailjet email provider when there were more than 50 recipients.
  • We fixed a bug preventing users in a Google group or a domain set as library contributor to create a document from a template with more than four attachments.
  • We made two technical fixes on our way of releasing new versions of AODocs.

AODocs for AODocs Life Sciences released on 23 February 2024

All customers using AODocs Life Sciences have been upgraded to AODocs 63.7.

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