Preview attachments

Attachments are files that are attached to AODocs documents. Attachments are stored in Google Drive and are owned by the storage account of your library. Learn more: What are attachments?

There are two types of preview embedded in AODocs:

Use the Google Drive preview
Use the advanced viewer

– Non-Google attachments displayed in the Google Drive preview and the advanced viewer are read-only even if you have edit rights on the AODocs document.
– You can download attachments from AODocs documents and the advanced viewer. Learn more: Download attachments.
– If you have the Universal File Opener installed, you can open non-Google file attachments in their corresponding software directly from your AODocs document. Learn more: What is the Universal File Opener (UFO)?

Use the Google Drive preview

1. Open an AODocs document in any type of library.

2. In the sidebar, select the attachment you want to preview.

  • Google files, such as Google documents, spreadsheets and presentations open in the Google Drive editor embedded in AODocs.
  • Non-Google attachments supported by the Google Drive preview (such as PDF files and PNG files) open in the Google Drive preview embedded in AODocs.

PDF file attachment displayed in the Google Drive preview

Use the advanced viewer

Note: The advanced viewer isn’t available for external users. Learn more: Access an AODocs library as an external user.

The following attachment types open in the advanced viewer:

       CAD files

AutoDesk AutoCAD format version 2.5 through 2014 (*.dwg, *.dxf)
AutoDesk Design Web format (*.dwf)
MicroStation Drawing format V7 and V8 (*.dgn)

       Email files

Microsoft Outlook format (*.msg)
Outlook Express Email format (*.eml)

       Medical image files

Digital Imaging & Communication in Medicine format (*.dcm, *.dicom, *.dcim, *.dicm)

       Visio files *.vsd, *.vsdx, *.vsdm, *.vdx
       HTML files *.html, *.htm, *.xhtml, *.xhtm


DICOM file attachment displayed in the advanced viewer

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