Migrate for AODocs change log

This article lists all the updates made to Migrate for AODocs since version 9.0 (30 November 2020).

Below is a list of the major versions of Migrate for AODocs:

Migrate for AODocs 28.0
Migrate for AODocs 27.0
Migrate for AODocs 26.0
Migrate for AODocs 24.0
Migrate for AODocs 23.0
Migrate for AODocs 22.0
Migrate for AODocs 21.0
Migrate for AODocs 20.0
Earlier versions

Details of major releases and hotfixes:

12 November 2023 (28.2)

Technical improvement: Improve speed of GCS to GCS migrations.

7 November 2023 (28.1)

Hotfix: Automatically create dedicated quick migration workspaces for new domains.

22 October 2023 (28.0)

New feature: Support names in Sharepoint library list for batch migrations. Learn more: sharepointLists column.

Release 27.0

New features: 

  • Support definition of Google Cloud Storage buckets and Microsoft Azure containers for batch migrations.
  • Support technical user delegation.

Release 26.5

Hotfix: Support domain creation without administrators.

Release 26.4

Hotfix: File encoding not always forwarded when migrating from Google Cloud Storage to Google Cloud Storage.

Release 26.3

Hofix: Ability to assign the same Drive attachment on multiple versions of a document.

5 September 2023 (26.2)

Hotfix: Migrate for AODocs now supports custom AODocs default templates in the user interface.

24 April 2023 (26.1)

Hotfix: File upload from File Server to Google Cloud Storage (GCS) now works correctly.

18 April 2023 (26.0)

Major release

  • New feature
    • Autocomplete on Category
  • Technical improvements
    • New sign in flow
    • Java 11 to Java 17 (except Gateway)
    • Security improvements: Google Cloud Run and Google Cloud armor
    • New API

Learn more: Migrate for AODocs V26 Release notes

14 November 2022 (24.2)


  • Files were moved instead of copied during Drive migrations. This has been fixed.

Technical improvement:

  • Improvements to Sharepoint logs in Gateway.

7 November 2022 (24.0)

Major release

  • User interface dashboard revamped.

12 Oct 2022 (23.0)

Major release

  • Possibility to convert Google files to various file formats for GCS format migrations.
  • Performance improvements.

29 Sept 2022 (22.0)

Major release

  • New Google Drive authentication flow.
  • Batch migration moved to homepage
  • Performance improvements.

2 August 2022 (21.8)

Technical release: Public Domain Name System (DNS) usage for AODocs European instance.

28 July 2022 (21.7)

New features and improvements: Support Google Cloud Storage (GCS) attachments in stream APIs.

25 July 2022 (21.5)

New features and improvements:

  • Document ingestion callback when document creation is started.
  • Ability to listen for Google Cloud Storage (GCS) bucket in stream migrations.

20 July 2022 (21.2)

New features and improvements: Support AODocs European instance.

18 July 2022 (21.0)

Major release

  • Technical release, no impact on user experience.

27 June 2022 (20.1)

Hotfix: When pushing files into Drive, Migrate for AODocs no longer retries files tagged as "inappropriate content".

20 June 2022 (20.0)

Major release


  • Definition of the migration name is now consistent in advanced mode and quick mode.
  • The file path in Windows is no longer encoded twice.
  • Sharepoint on-premise non UFE-8 encoding is no longer incorrectly formatted.
  • The uploaded files counter is now properly set after being processed in Gateway.


  • Upgraded technical version of the user interface framework
  • Heap space mitigation
  • Rework of migration dispatch

30 May 2022 (19.4)

Hotfix: Migrations are now fully completed when retried in the Creation stage.

23 May 2022 (19.3)

Hotfix: Sharepoint custom document deserialization fix on Sharepoint 2007.

20 May 2022 (19.2)

New feature: You can now sign out from both the Migrate for AODocs application and Gateway through the user interface. 


18 May 2022 (19.1)

Improvement: You can now skip some Sharepoint properties for Sharepoint batch migrations.

17 May 2022 (19.0)

Major release

  • Gateway is now automatically updated.

11 April 2022 (18.0)

Major release

  • Batch migrations (managed by the AODocs Service team).
  • Google Cloud Storage is supported in stream migrations.
  • Simple export for Lotus Notes.
  • Preview version for Early Access users. 

Bug fixes:

  • Gateway credentials are no longer outdated after 10 minutes.
  • Additional fields are supported in Sharepoint migrations.
  • Bucket creation is disabled on migrations without attachments.

16 March 2022 (17.2)

New features and improvements:

  • Ability to export all site properties for a dedicated sharepoint site.


  • Deduplicate subite path on sharepoint onPremise.

2 March 2022 (17.1)


  • Restore ability to add an uploader in the user interface.
  • Add a parameter in Gateway to be able to deactivate parallelism on upload.
  • Display the underlying reason in the user interface when an upload fails.
  • Display a log for each Lotus item converted to an AODOcs compatible format.

11 February 2022 ‌(17.0)‌

Major release

  • Give contributors the possibility to run migrations in quick mode.
  • Add a domain feature flag to allow migrations as contributor.
  • Prevent users from editing the datasheet after validation.
  • Technical improvement: improve reliability and maintainability by making the whole code base Spring compatible.

Learn more: Migrate for AODocs 17.0 Release Notes

30 December 2021‌ ‌(16.1.1)‌

Hotfix:‌ Removed warning on domain expiration date.

7 December 2021‌ ‌(16.1)‌

Hotfix:‌ ‌

  • Updated appMetadata set for URL fields containing GCS attachments, to make it specific to Migrate for AODocs
  • All custom fields are now extracted from Sharepoint 2007 and 2010
  • Regression fixed on suffix AM/PM that wasn't supported for date fields
  • Now able to handle failed archiving

23 November 2021 (version 16.0)

Major release

  • Choose to extract the Sharepoint title or attachment name as the AODocs document title
  • New checks during validation

Learn more: Migrate for AODocs 16.0 Release Notes


New features and improvements

  • There's a new option for Sharepoint migrations. You can choose to extract the Sharepoint attachment name or title as AODocs document title.
  • There is now a warning during the validation stage:
      • if there is not exactly one attachment per document when migrating into a Team Folder or Secured Folder
      • if a document is related to itself in the spreadsheet
  • New features can now be flagged so that they can be available for a specific list of domains. A feature flag exists for stream migrations.
  • Better management of TimeZone for DateTime: the format 2021-06-18T13:00:00[Pacific/Fiji] is now supported.

Bug fixes

  • Migrations with a large number of attachments can now be completed.
  • The migration side panel is now live updated when left open.

Technical improvements

  • Migrations that were deleted or finished more than 30 days ago are now archived (they no longer appear in the Migrate for AODocs interface).
  • AODocs properties containing GCS attachments are created with a specific appMetadata, so that they can be identified.
  • Improvements on how the URL is updated when filling the advanced migration form.
  • Reduce the number of calls on list task in queues.
  • Split export and converter.
  • Improve AODocs ID generation speed.
  • Enable GCS extended scope.
  • The folder cache is now reset after one hour.

20 October 2021 (version 15.0)

Major release

  • Validation before upload
  • View details of your quick migrations

Learn more: Migrate for AODocs 15.0 Release Notes


New features and improvements

  • The validation stage is now performed before the upload stage. In addition, an error is returned during validation if there is not exactly one attachment per document when migrating into a Team Folder or Secured Folder.
  • Users can open a side panel for quick migrations to display information about the migration.
  • Information from the creation form is added to the URL for quick migrations.
  • The Enforce gateway processing option is now only displayed when necessary, and disabled instead of hidden
  • GCS is now disabled as storage attachment when migrating into a Team Folder or Secured Folder
  • CSV storage is now disabled for “empty sheet” migrations
  • The auto-refresh button has been removed from the user interface. The interface is still refreshed every 10 seconds for 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • The migration table size is set in the user interface.

Bug fixes

  • Improved folder creation management to avoid duplication.
  • Clicking the “next stage” button for quick migrations is now always taken into account.
  • The 10-minute activity timer is now reset when clicking an action on an advanced migration card.
  • Better management of URL update for advanced creation form.
  • The placeholder when choosing a custom date for workspace expiration has been changed to the US date format.
  • Fix on path management when uploading a file on Unix filesystem.

Technical improvement

  • Scalability of the aodocs-flow-dispatch

4 October 2021 (version 14.0.1)


  • Migrations with more than 50,000 documents with attachments no longer return an error during validation.

28 September 2021 (version 14)

Major release

  • Improved browsing of the Google Drive folder tree
  • Improved management of special characters for Drive migrations
  • The list of shared drives can now contain more than 100 entries

Learn more: Migrate for AODocs 14.0 Release Notes


New features and improvements

  • The list of shared drives can now contain more than 100 entries.
  • Improved management of special characters for Drive migrations.
  • Administrators can now see the list of all quick migrations on the domain, by going to the “_” workspace.
  • The migration status has been changed from an icon to text on all pages.
  • Technical workspaces (“_” and “_gmail_”) no longer have an expiration date.
  • The document class for related documents is now checked during the validation stage.
  • “Enforce gateway processing” is now unavailable for Drive migrations.

Stream migrations - available in beta

  • Auto-refresh is turned off every 10 minutes on the page listing stream migrations.
  • Streams can now be closed.
  • Stream bindings can now be edited after creation.

Technical improvements

  • Local migrations now have one log file created per migration, instead of one per gateway session.

Bug fixes

  • Status update improvements:
      • “Next stage” action wasn’t always taken into account – this has been fixed.
      • Migrations in the report stage no longer have incorrect status.
  • Issues with folders that were duplicated and others that were not created have been fixed.
  • The counter is now correct when creating relations.
  • Validation no longer starts before shared drive attachments are moved.
  • “Retry is not allowed on extract stage” is no longer returned for copied migrations.
  • The aodocsID is no longer incorrect on async fallback creation.
  • Attachment names are now taken into account for Drive attachments.

8 September 2021 (version 13.6)

For Sharepoint migrations there is now a column “ORIGIN_ID” in the migration spreadsheet, containing the Sharepoint ID which was the migration document ID before version 13. By default, it's a hidden property in the AODocs library.

8 September 2021 (version 13.5.1)

Technical migration storage changed from BigQuery to Datastore.

1 September 2021 (version 13.5)

Hotfix: The creation stage can now be completed when migrating Lotus documents containing pictures.

26 August 2021 (version 13.4)

Hotfix: Wrong boolean value no longer extracted during Sharepoint migrations.

25 August 2021 (version 13.3)


  • Blank attachments are no longer generated during extraction of Sharepoint lists when a document had no attachments.
  • Attachment names are corrected when migrating from Google Drive to Google Cloud Storage (GCS).
  • The selection of Sharepoint lists is now cleared when the user selects a different site in the creation form.
  • The backslash “\” character is now automatically replaced by a forwardslash “/” in the path selection input in the creation form for local migrations.

16 August 2021 (version 13.2)


  • User mapping not taken into account when the target was not in the right format
  • List of finished migrations not displayed for the “_” workspace in advanced section
  • Format checks lifted for initial and update author properties

12 August 2021 (version 13.1)


  • "Gateway Read Timeout" issue during extraction
  • Cache binding reset when “retry” performed by a user.
  • Sharepoint:
    • Add attachment name in case of title missing
    • Fallback on Soap API for document libraries with revisions
    • Order by versions, not by date anymore
    • ID column based on sharepoint unique ID, not anymore on title or fileName
      (title was not stable when exporting versions)
  • Deltas: Handle newly created files with AODocs ID always generated
  • CSV:
    • issues with scheme support
    • Issues with empty default values
  • GCS: now supports migration with more than 320k docs
  • Caching issue for migration with more than 100k documents.
  • Migrations with the wrong scheme could not be deleted
  • Default storage was not set to Drive by default anymore

29 July 2021 (version 13)

Major release

  • Get notified of new Gateway versions
  • See and access your migration target library
  • Add a name to your quick migration
  • Add default values to your migrated properties

Learn more: Migrate for AODocs 13.0 Release Notes


New features and improvements

  • The library, document class and template name are displayed in the migration side panel. Click the library name to open it in a new tab.
  • Quick migrations can be explicitly named during creation.
  • Properties can be given default values in the migration spreadsheet.
  • Users get a warning when connecting their gateway if there is a new version available.
  • When you run an action, only the migration action button just activated for the current migration is disabled briefly.
  • Target replaced gsuite in the mapping sheet of the migration spreadsheet.
  • GCS migrations of more than 100k documents are now supported.
  • An error is displayed in the creation form if something is missing or wrong before starting the migration.
  • Folders to be migrated must be prefixed by the right scheme.

Stream migrations - available in beta:

  • It's possible to create stream migrations.
  • Binding can be defined during stream creation.
  • The stream context is checked during binding definition.
  • Documents can be imported through a stream migration.
  • Ongoing stream migrations are displayed in a new Stream tab
  • For each stream, the number of documents migrated, documents pending and documents in error is displayed.
  • Completed stream migrations are displayed in the Finished tab
  • New technical workspace dedicated to the gmail add-on: “_gmail_”
  • Possibility to add a callback URL to a workspace (via API only).

Technical improvements:

  • DeltaMigration technical refactoring
  • Migration attachments and documents are archived after 1 month.
  • Migration list on “_” workspace supports filters on stage and status.

Bug fixes:

  • It's now possible to parse the date/time field for specific Sharepoint setups.
  • It wasn't possible to migrate versions from Sharepoint because of malformed attachments. This has been fixed.

14 June 2021 (version 12.0.2)

Hotfix: Restore Reload button when auto-refresh stops on the advanced migration board.

1 June 2021 (version 12.0.1)

Hotfix: Hide Flush cache button for Sharepoint migrations when Gateway is not connected.

1 June 2021 (version 12.0)

Major release

Migrate for AODocs now supports:

  • templates – you can import documents using an AODocs document template
  • related documents – you can set up relations between existing or imported documents
  • management of workspace expiration dates

Learn more: Migrate for AODocs 12.0 Release Notes


New features and improvements:

  • You can now add relations in AODocs using the migration spreadsheet.
  • Migrate for AODocs returns an error if one side of the relation is not the right document class.
  • Migrate for AODocs returns an error if the relation definition is wrong or doesn't exist.
  • Increase the document creation rate for documents with no attachments.
  • You can now choose an AODocs document template for your migrations.
  • Administrators can edit workspace expiration dates.
  • We restored the Flush cache option for Sharepoint migrations.
  • Full version information is displayed in the About option of the information menu.
  • Files containing “%20” can now be imported.
  • The Gateway connection button is now accessible from the advanced creation form.
  • We revamped the Gateway connection and trash buttons.

Technical improvements:

  • A unique ID is generated per split task (so you can retry your migration without having to wait for an hour!)
  • We replaced the memcached instance with Redis (technical improvement).
  • There is a new authentication process: we set up 2-step authentication and now only request online consent if you’re not creating migrations that require an offline consent.
  • Prevent task duplication (to prevent the risk of creating the same document twice.

10 May 2021 (version 11.5)


  • Cache all Drive folders when searching specific child folder in AODocs
  • Delta migration roll in document creation

5 May 2021 (version 11.4)


  • The Sharepoint Gregorian date format is supported
  • It is possible to import multiple fields based on the same category definition
  • Report for Attachment & Document in BigQuery is now updated in real time
  • It is possible to perform deltas on Sharepoint migrations containing more than 100 documents
  • Improved management of storage account Google quotas when creating numerous folders
    (more than 10 000)

26 April 2021 (version 11.2)


  • Drive discovery loop on lower case / upper case values

  • Mapping with domain prefix on Windows FileServer migration now supports "\"

  • Exception on creation task roll for documents composed of more than 70 attachments

16 April 2021 (version 11.1)


  • Binding: Client concept is now taken into account

  • It is now possible to export multiple users from Sharepoint 2013+

14 April 2021 (version 11.0)

Major release:

  • Refresh button for advanced migrations
  • Migration rate management

Learn more: Migrate for AODocs V11.0 Release notes


New features and improvements:

  • Management of migration queues

  • Apply gray filter to the page when auto-refresh is off

  • Remove unnecessary retry buttons

  • Click the Drive icon to open the migrated Drive folder

  • Refresh button on advanced migration page

  • Users can see the names of their destination libraries in wrap-up

Technical improvements:

  • Add the queue rates configuration on domain patch endpoint

  • Create an auto refresh component

  • Disable retry button when status is running – re-enable after one hour

  • Manage migration state to lock migration actions when it's being processed

8 April 2021 (version 10.2)


  • Snackbar information for users without access to any domain

  • Increase the size of the entire shared Drive selection box

  • Domain add admin clears all administrators

  • Non human readable message reported in migration in error

30 March 2021 (version 10.1)


  • Default storage option should be Google Sheets

  • Unable to perform CSV migration

29 March 2021 (version 10.0)

Major release:

  • Sharepoint 2007-2010 migrations
  • Entire shared Drive
  • Copy attachments instead of moving

Learn more: Migrate for AODocs 10.0 Release notes


New features and improvements:

  • Remove move options for unnecessary sources

  • Add tooltip next to move options for advanced migrations

  • Change wording in quick migration form

  • Make emails not case-sensitive in administration

  • Hide continuous tab for advanced migrations

  • Restore link to API explorer

  • Import an entire shared drive for quick migrations

  • Add cancel button in advanced creation mode

  • Start migration button style in advanced creation mode

  • Select a shared drive to migrate in advanced mode

  • Distinction between error and pause

  • Warn users before their workspace license expires

  • Warn users before their domain license expires

  • Users can now copy documents instead of moving them

  • Add spreadsheet as a source

  • Change name for copied migrations

  • Emails are no longer case-sensitive in administration

  • Find a way to cache the target document class for the duration of a migration

  • Sharepoint 2010: handle multiple versions of documents

  • Set up quality coverage

  • Enable Sharepoint 2010 option in Sharepoint creation form

  • Be able to copy documents instead of moving them

  • Get the attachments from a SP 2010 document

  • Connect to a Sharepoint 2010

Technical improvements:
  • Apply "LowerCase" on emails

  • Display entire shared Drive in the quick migration form

  • Update status management for actions

  • Distinction between error and pause

  • Category creation improvements

  • It is now possible to manage dates before 1970

  • Move the transferOwnership to Google API V2

  • Remove the DriveEndpoint service

  • Remove sharepoint-converter dependency from API and gateway modules

17 February 2021 (version 9.6)

Hotfix: It is now possible to perform a migration of a local attachment with a name containing a "[" in its path.

17 February 2021 (version 9.5)


  • AODocs domain without administrators is now accessible

  • Lotus migrations with pictures in their description no longer fails

  • The icon displayed for advanced Drive migrations was fixed

  • Migration not paused using Gateway

29 March 2021 (version9.4)

Hotfix: Quick Drive migrations no longer generate a spreadsheet unless the user chooses Edit before import.

7 February 2021 (version 9.3)

Hotfix: Fixed issue of folders sometimes being duplicated for migrations with more than 100k documents.

25 January 2021 (version 9.2)

Hotfix: When the extraction process began, it was creating a new data.csv file for each 100 files that were uploaded. This has been fixed.

21 January 2021 (version 9.1)

  • Hotfix: Incorrect mapping tab from Sharepoint online user list

30 November 2020 (version 9.0)

Major release: quick migrations and user interface revamping

Learn more: Migrate for AODocs 9.0 Release Notes


New features and improvements:

  • No versioning is now the default option for quick Google Sheet migrations

  • Optimized count for advanced migrations

  • Restored Preview in Sheets option for quick migrations

  • Changed Edit sheet icon for quick migrations

  • Display error messages for quick migrations

  • Changed menu wording

  • Created home page

  • Changed quick migration table design

  • Grouped Google Sheets and Drive basic migrations on a single page

  • Removed  form from basic migration page

  • Added a creation button on the basic migration page

  • Cancel button available when creating basic migration

  • Basic migration creation form

  • Added Drive migrations to "_" workspace

  • Changed button text to Next in advanced migrations

  • Widened library and document class lists

  • Added a Preview source with CSV option

  • Added capital letters to migration screens

  • Moved the trash link

  • Exporter and Bulk Updater now open in a new tab

  • Changed the tab opacity in advanced mode

  • Removed templates from Sharepoint results

  • Moved the Deleted option in Finished into the Trash page

  • Revamped the profile option menu

  • Moved the migration Details into the main Status tab to only have two panels in the sidebar

  • Revamped the migration creation type selector from a list to a matrix describing each use case

  • Moved the New migration button to the banner options

  • Extract the workspace selection

  • Moved the domain selection into the profile option

  • The ID is no longer mandatory for CSV and empty sheet migrations

  • Added tooltips on the icons in the Quick Migration interface

  • Migration settings are shown in the URL

  • We now run a check that the user is super-admin if they aren't owner

  • Dedicated queue for users who aren't owners

  • Skip shortcuts during the extraction of Drive

  • Folder creation in //

  • Validate the Migrate for AODocs binding <-> AODocs properties

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