Migrate for AODocs change log

This article lists all the updates made to Migrate for AODocs since version 9.0 (30 November 2020).

Below is a list of the major versions of Migrate for AODocs:

Migrate for AODocs 13.0
Migrate for AODocs 12.0
Migrate for AODocs 11.0
Migrate for AODocs 10.0
Migrate for AODocs 9.0

Details of major releases and hotfixes:

29 June 2021 (version 13)

Major release

  • Get notified of new Gateway versions
  • See and access your migration target library
  • Add a name to your quick migration
  • Add default values to your migrated properties

Learn more: Migrate for AODocs 13.0 Release Notes


New features and improvements

  • The library, document class and template name are displayed in the migration side panel. Click the library name to open it in a new tab.
  • Quick migrations can be explicitly named during creation.
  • Properties can be given default values in the migration spreadsheet.
  • Users get a warning when connecting their gateway if there is a new version available.
  • When you run an action, only the migration action button just activated for the current migration is disabled briefly.
  • Target replaced gsuite in the mapping sheet of the migration spreadsheet.
  • GCS migrations of more than 100k documents are now supported.
  • An error is displayed in the creation form if something is missing or wrong before starting the migration.
  • Folders to be migrated must be prefixed by the right scheme.

Stream migrations - available in beta:

  • It's possible to create stream migrations.
  • Binding can be defined during stream creation.
  • The stream context is checked during binding definition.
  • Documents can be imported through a stream migration.
  • Ongoing stream migrations are displayed in a new Stream tab
  • For each stream, the number of documents migrated, documents pending and documents in error is displayed.
  • Completed stream migrations are displayed in the Finished tab
  • New technical workspace dedicated to the gmail add-on: “_gmail_”
  • Possibility to add a callback URL to a workspace (via API only).

Technical improvements:

  • DeltaMigration technical refactoring
  • Migration attachments and documents are archived after 1 month.
  • Migration list on “_” workspace supports filters on stage and status.

Bug fixes:

  • It's now possible to parse the date/time field for specific Sharepoint setups.
  • It wasn't possible to migrate versions from Sharepoint because of malformed attachments. This has been fixed.

14 June 2021 (version 12.0.2)

Hotfix: Restore Reload button when auto-refresh stops on the advanced migration board.

1 June 2021 (version 12.0.1)

Hotfix: Hide Flush cache button for Sharepoint migrations when Gateway is not connected.

1 June 2021 (version 12.0)

Major release

Migrate for AODocs now supports:

  • templates – you can import documents using an AODocs document template
  • related documents – you can set up relations between existing or imported documents
  • management of workspace expiration dates

Learn more: Migrate for AODocs 12.0 Release Notes


New features and improvements:

  • You can now add relations in AODocs using the migration spreadsheet.
  • Migrate for AODocs returns an error if one side of the relation is not the right document class.
  • Migrate for AODocs returns an error if the relation definition is wrong or doesn't exist.
  • Increase the document creation rate for documents with no attachments.
  • You can now choose an AODocs document template for your migrations.
  • Administrators can edit workspace expiration dates.
  • We restored the Flush cache option for Sharepoint migrations.
  • Full version information is displayed in the About option of the information menu.
  • Files containing “%20” can now be imported.
  • The Gateway connection button is now accessible from the advanced creation form.
  • We revamped the Gateway connection and trash buttons.

Technical improvements:

  • A unique ID is generated per split task (so you can retry your migration without having to wait for an hour!)
  • We replaced the memcached instance with Redis (technical improvement).
  • There is a new authentication process: we set up 2-step authentication and now only request online consent if you’re not creating migrations that require an offline consent.
  • Prevent task duplication (to prevent the risk of creating the same document twice.

10 May 2021 (version 11.5)


  • Cache all Drive folders when searching specific child folder in AODocs
  • Delta migration roll in document creation

5 May 2021 (version 11.4)


  • The Sharepoint Gregorian date format is supported
  • It is possible to import multiple fields based on the same category definition
  • Report for Attachment & Document in BigQuery is now updated in real time
  • It is possible to perform deltas on Sharepoint migrations containing more than 100 documents
  • Improved management of storage account Google quotas when creating numerous folders
    (more than 10 000)

26 April 2021 (version 11.2)


  • Drive discovery loop on lower case / upper case values

  • Mapping with domain prefix on Windows FileServer migration now supports "\"

  • Exception on creation task roll for documents composed of more than 70 attachments

16 April 2021 (version 11.1)


  • Binding: Client concept is now taken into account

  • It is now possible to export multiple users from Sharepoint 2013+

14 April 2021 (version 11.0)

Major release:

  • Refresh button for advanced migrations
  • Migration rate management

Learn more: Migrate for AODocs V11.0 Release notes


New features and improvements:

  • Management of migration queues

  • Apply gray filter to the page when auto-refresh is off

  • Remove unnecessary retry buttons

  • Click the Drive icon to open the migrated Drive folder

  • Refresh button on advanced migration page

  • Users can see the names of their destination libraries in wrap-up

Technical improvements:

  • Add the queue rates configuration on domain patch endpoint

  • Create an auto refresh component

  • Disable retry button when status is running – re-enable after one hour

  • Manage migration state to lock migration actions when it's being processed

8 April 2021 (version 10.2)


  • Snackbar information for users without access to any domain

  • Increase the size of the entire shared Drive selection box

  • Domain add admin clears all administrators

  • Non human readable message reported in migration in error

30 March 2021 (version 10.1)


  • Default storage option should be Google Sheets

  • Unable to perform CSV migration

29 March 2021 (version 10.0)

Major release:

  • Sharepoint 2007-2010 migrations
  • Entire shared Drive
  • Copy attachments instead of moving

Learn more: Migrate for AODocs 10.0 Release notes


New features and improvements:

  • Remove move options for unnecessary sources

  • Add tooltip next to move options for advanced migrations

  • Change wording in quick migration form

  • Make emails not case-sensitive in administration

  • Hide continuous tab for advanced migrations

  • Restore link to API explorer

  • Import an entire shared drive for quick migrations

  • Add cancel button in advanced creation mode

  • Start migration button style in advanced creation mode

  • Select a shared drive to migrate in advanced mode

  • Distinction between error and pause

  • Warn users before their workspace license expires

  • Warn users before their domain license expires

  • Users can now copy documents instead of moving them

  • Add spreadsheet as a source

  • Change name for copied migrations

  • Emails are no longer case-sensitive in administration

  • Find a way to cache the target document class for the duration of a migration

  • Sharepoint 2010: handle multiple versions of documents

  • Set up quality coverage

  • Enable Sharepoint 2010 option in Sharepoint creation form

  • Be able to copy documents instead of moving them

  • Get the attachments from a SP 2010 document

  • Connect to a Sharepoint 2010

Technical improvements:
  • Apply "LowerCase" on emails

  • Display entire shared Drive in the quick migration form

  • Update status management for actions

  • Distinction between error and pause

  • Category creation improvements

  • It is now possible to manage dates before 1970

  • Move the transferOwnership to Google API V2

  • Remove the DriveEndpoint service

  • Remove sharepoint-converter dependency from API and gateway modules

17 February 2021 (version 9.6)

Hotfix: It is now possible to perform a migration of a local attachment with a name containing a "[" in its path.

17 February 2021 (version 9.5)


  • AODocs domain without administrators is now accessible

  • Lotus migrations with pictures in their description no longer fails

  • The icon displayed for advanced Drive migrations was fixed

  • Migration not paused using Gateway

29 March 2021 (version9.4)

Hotfix: Quick Drive migrations no longer generate a spreadsheet unless the user chooses Edit before import.

7 February 2021 (version 9.3)

Hotfix: Fixed issue of folders sometimes being duplicated for migrations with more than 100k documents.

25 January 2021 (version 9.2)

Hotfix: When the extraction process began, it was creating a new data.csv file for each 100 files that were uploaded. This has been fixed.

21 January 2021 (version 9.1)

  • Hotfix: Incorrect mapping tab from Sharepoint online user list

30 November 2020 (version 9.0)

Major release: quick migrations and user interface revamping

Learn more: Migrate for AODocs 9.0 Release Notes


New features and improvements:

  • No versioning is now the default option for quick Google Sheet migrations

  • Optimized count for advanced migrations

  • Restored Preview in Sheets option for quick migrations

  • Changed Edit sheet icon for quick migrations

  • Display error messages for quick migrations

  • Changed menu wording

  • Created home page

  • Changed quick migration table design

  • Grouped Google Sheets and Drive basic migrations on a single page

  • Removed  form from basic migration page

  • Added a creation button on the basic migration page

  • Cancel button available when creating basic migration

  • Basic migration creation form

  • Added Drive migrations to "_" workspace

  • Changed button text to Next in advanced migrations

  • Widened library and document class lists

  • Added a Preview source with CSV option

  • Added capital letters to migration screens

  • Moved the trash link

  • Exporter and Bulk Updater now open in a new tab

  • Changed the tab opacity in advanced mode

  • Removed templates from Sharepoint results

  • Moved the Deleted option in Finished into the Trash page

  • Revamped the profile option menu

  • Moved the migration Details into the main Status tab to only have two panels in the sidebar

  • Revamped the migration creation type selector from a list to a matrix describing each use case

  • Moved the New migration button to the banner options

  • Extract the workspace selection

  • Moved the domain selection into the profile option

  • The ID is no longer mandatory for CSV and empty sheet migrations

  • Added tooltips on the icons in the Quick Migration interface

  • Migration settings are shown in the URL

  • We now run a check that the user is super-admin if they aren't owner

  • Dedicated queue for users who aren't owners

  • Skip shortcuts during the extraction of Drive

  • Folder creation in //

  • Validate the Migrate for AODocs binding <-> AODocs properties

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