AODocs advanced features change log

This article lists all the updates made to AODocs advanced features since DATE 2024.

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AODocs is composed of the following components:

Note: Under normal circumstances, all releases are deployed to all customer domains and instances (US and EU). Learn more: What are AODocs instances?  However, AODocs Life Sciences domains use a separate release cycle. We may occasionally restrict the deployment to specific domains or instances for technical reasons.

Details of major releases and hot fixes

Mail Service 1.0.4 released on 23 April 2024

This release contains hot fixes for audit log messages: in the event of failure to send an email it's now possible to send the failed status to AODocs correctly.

Folio 4.2.0 released on 22 April 2024

New features: 

  • define a library description in your Folio document
  • define library labels in your Folio document
  • manage permissions of custom roles
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