Google add-ons and extensions change log

This article lists all the updates made to Google add-ons and extensions since 2 May 2024.

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This change log covers the following Google add-ons and extensions:

Note: Under normal circumstances, all releases are deployed to all customer domains and instances (US and EU). Learn more: What are AODocs instances? However, AODocs Life Sciences domains use a separate release cycle. We may occasionally restrict the deployment to specific domains or instances for technical reasons.

Details of major releases and hot fixes

New Smartbar 1.4 released on 18 June 2024

Bug fixes

  • The new Smartbar was unusable due to a Google interface change.
  • Users with a real name including parentheses could not authenticate.

UFO 10.3 released on 17 June 2024

Bug fixes

  • The Open file icon is no longer displayed on on Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, or Google Drawings files. The icon appeared incorrectly following a Google Drive change.
  • A small percentage of users had the red banner UFO has been updated or uninstalled constantly visible, while UFO remained usable. A prior attempt to fix the problem was not effective. We have now removed the banner.

Feature improvement

  • We added French translations for authentication labels.

Gmail add-on 6.4.0 released on 13 June 2024

Technical improvement: Users now sign in through a pop-up because Google deprecated the same-page method.

New Smartbar 1.3 released on 13 June 2024

Bug fix: We fixed a bug that occurred in the new Smartbar on the AODocs EU instance. The AODocs properties modal window, the AODocs library link, and the AODocs document link were inaccessible to users with email addresses beginning with the letters "u" through "z".

New Smartbar 1.2 released on 23 May 2024

Bug fixes:

  • On the EU instance, the sign-in page was displayed in AODocs documents instead of document properties.
  • On the EU instance, the authorization consent flow showed a warning message, which no longer appears.

UFO 10.2 released  on 16 May 2024

Bug fix: A small percentage of users have the red 'updated' banner constantly visible, while UFO remains otherwise usable. We added a change to fix the banner issue.

AwesomeDrive 8.3 released on 16 May 2024

Bug fix: The Open file button stopped opening Microsoft Office files due to a Google Drive change. This has been fixed.

New Smartbar 1.1 was released on 2 May 2024

Bug fix: Files in AODocs libraries displayed an Import into AODocs button instead of the expected actions. This was due to a Google Drive change and has been fixed.

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