What is the AODocs Smartbar?

The AODocs Smartbar is a Google Chrome extension that brings AODocs features directly into your Google Drive, Google editor, and (for the legacy Smartbar only) Gmail.

– You must install the AODocs Smartbar.
– The AODocs Smartbar is available only for the Chrome browser. Read more about Google Chrome extensions.

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The two AODocs Smartbars

There are two AODocs Smartbars: the legacy (current) version and the new version. 

Google is deprecating the technology behind the legacy Smartbar. The upcoming versions of Chrome will only run extensions using what is called Manifest V3, and the legacy Smartbar is built using Manifest V2. To ensure the Smartbar is up to date with the latest security and performance technologies, we built a new extension from the ground up.

What are the differences between the two AODocs Smartbars?

The new AODocs Smartbar has almost all the same functionalities as the legacy Smartbar, mostly with the same user experience. However there are a few differences:

  • The features for administrators have been simplified and now open directly in the AODocs interface.
  • The legacy Smartbar has features integrated in Gmail. In the new Smartbar, these features will be integrated in the AODocs Gmail add-on.

Important: We're currenlty working on porting these feature into the AODocs Gmail add-on.

Which AODocs Smartbar should I use?

If you're using the European instance of AODocs, you must use the new Smartbar. The legacy Smartbar isn't available on the European instance. Learn more: What are AODocs instances?

If you use the legacy Smartbar, feel free to try out the new version. We'd be interested in your feedback to help us improve! Send an email to: support-webstore@aodocs.com.

However, if you use the Gmail features of the legacy Smartbar, you must continue using the legacy Smartbar for now. 

Note: The Knowledge Base aims to cater to all users. In the Smartbar articles, there are tabs to select instructions for the legacy Smarbar or the new Smartbar.  

Use the AODocs Smartbar from your Google Drive interface

Create and access your libraries

Note: If you try to access a library from a different domain, you must switch the domain in the Smartbar extension. Learn more: AODocs Smartbar multi-domain usage

  • View the type of AODocs library you're working in
  • Click the library Open in new tab button to open your library in AODocs


#New Smartbar #Legacy Smartbar


Manage your files and folders

#New Smartbar #Legacy Smartbar
image03newSB.png image03.png
#New Smartbar #Legacy Smartbar



Perform advanced actions

Note: Advanced features require a Document Management license.

#New Smartbar #Legacy Smartbar


Configure your library through the security center (legacy Smartbar only)

If you're using the legacy Smartbar, as a library administrator, you can configure security and library administration settings directly from Google Drive. 

If you're using the new Smartbar, the security and library administration settings open directly in the AODocs  interface.

#New Smartbar

#Legacy Smartbar


Administrators can:


Administrators can:

Use the AODocs Smartbar from your Google editor interface

Manage your Google files

  • Use the breadcrumb to locate your file

Perform advanced actions on Google files

#New Smartbar #Legacy Smartbar
image06newSB.png image07.png


Use the legacy AODocs Smartbar from your Gmail interface

Important: The new Smartbar doens't include Gmail features. Learn more: Why are there two AODocs Smartbars?

Import your emails from your Gmail interface into your AODocs libraries
Learn more: Create documents from emails in Document Management libraries (in Gmail) and Create documents from emails in Team Folders and Secured Folders (in Gmail)


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