What is the library homepage?

When a user accesses a library in AODocs, the first page displayed is called the library homepage. This page has different sections:

AODocs library homepage

 1. The header is persistent when navigating inside the library. From left to right it contains:
    • Breadcrumb, which shows the path of your current location
      Learn more here: Use the navigation breadcrumbs
    • Administration menu, where library administrators and super administrators can access the Library administration, Library security and Import status.
      Learn more here: What is the library administration?
    • Help menu to access the AODocs documentation, contact the AODocs support or consult the AODocs status page
    • User menu to switch between accounts and domains, enable or disable the beta editor and logout from AODocs and your G Suite session

2. AODocs search bar: use the search bar to find documents you have access to.

3. New button: use this to create a new document in the library.
Learn more here: Create a document in a Document Management library

4. Document lists: these display the list views of the library configured by the library administrator.
Learn more here: What are list views?

5. Workflow task list: displayed only when your library has been configured with a workflow. It displays the number of documents that have pending workflow actions.
Learn more here: Browse the workflow tasks

6. Description: can be customized by the library administrators with text and images to describe your library.
Learn more here: Customize the library home page

7. Recent activity section: displays an activity log of the library, such as documents created, updated, or workflow activity. A maximum of 10 activities are listed. When there are more activities than the listed ones, a link Show next events appears (8). You can view more activities from the audit log.
Learn more here: View the audit log

Note: In the Recent activity section, users can see only the events on documents they have access to.

 If there are more than ten activities, the Show next events link appears

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