Prevent users from renaming documents in Document Management libraries

As a library administrator, you can prevent users from renaming documents after they've been created. You can define this setting at the document class level in Document Management libraries only.

1. Access the library administration.

2. Select Document classes.

3. Click the name of the document class you want to configure or select Configure document class in the More actions menu. The document class configuration page opens.

4. Select the Security tab.

5. Select the checkbox Only administrators can rename documents.

Notes about calculated titles:
– If you activate calculated titles for the document class, this checkbox is automatically grayed out (unavailable for selection). In this case, no users (including library administrators and super administrators) can rename documents. 
– If you de-activate calculated titles for the document class, this checkbox is automatically selected (even if it was unselected before activating calculated titles). To allow users to rename documents, you must manually unselect the checkbox.
Learn more: Create formulas for calculated titles.

6. Click Save.

Note: When documents in this document class have been given a title and created, only library administrators and super administrators can change the title.


Tip: The title can be set as read-only if an automatic naming convention is enforced on the title of the document by custom script.

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