Configure conditional logic to calculate document titles

With AODocs, you can set up conditional logic in document classes in any type of AODocs library. When users edit their documents, conditional logic is applied as follows:

Learn more: What is conditional logic in AODocs?

– By default, the calculated titles feature is not active in Document Management libraries.
– You can't calculate titles of documents in Secured Folders or Team Folders. 

As a library administrator, you can configure calculated titles to ensure consistent naming conventions for documents in a document class. Calculated titles are calculated from a formula in which you can use entities from your library, such as custom properties, system properties and workflow states. For example, you can automatically calculate the titles of your documents with a formula that concatenates the "Project name" custom property and the "Creation date" system property. 

Learn more: Getting started with formulas for conditional logic.

If you activate calculated titles for a document class, the titles of all documents in the class become read-only and non-editable for all users, including library administrators and super administrators, whatever the state of the document. Any attempt to change the title (manually or via API, custom scripts, or templates) results in an error. If an error occurs, it isn't possible to save the document.

– All documents must have a title. Calculated titles can't be null or empty.
– Don't combine conditional logic with custom scripts

This article explains how to:

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Activate calculated titles

1. Access the library administration in a Document Management library.

2. Open the required document class

3. In the Properties tab, expand Titles (system).

4. Activate the switch Calculate document titles.  

5. A message indicates that document titles will be calculated on individual documents when the calculation next runs for each document: click Confirm & write formula to continue.

Note: If you click Cancel in the message, the Calculate document titles switch is deactivated.  


6. Write your formula. Learn more:

In this example, we concatenated the String property "Request ID" and the Category "Reason", with a space in between. 

7. Click OK, then save the changes to your document class.


Note: When you activate calculated titles, the checkbox Only administrators can rename documents is automatically grayed out (unavailable for selection). Learn more: Prevent users from renaming documents in Document Management libraries

De-activate calculated titles

1. In the library configuration, de-activate the switch Calculate document titles.  

2. Click Confirm.

– Any documents with calculated titles will keep their last calculated title. From now on, users with edit access will be able to edit document titles manually.
– The existing formula isn't saved. If you want to reactivate calculated titles with the same formula in the future, you will have to rewrite the formula. 

3. Save the changes to your document class.


Note: When you de-activate calculated titles, the checkbox Only administrators can rename documents is automatically selected (even if it was unselected before activating calculated titles).
Learn more: Prevent users from renaming documents in Document Management libraries.

Use calculated titles with templates

If you configure calculated titles and templates for the same document class, your template can't have a default title. Learn more: Create and configure document templates.

If you configure calculated titles for a document class in which there is already a template with a default title, a message appears when you try to save your document class. 

Click Clear invalid values in templates to remove the default title in your template. 


You now can't add a default title to your template.  


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