Configure your library's general settings

All libraries have a set of basic parameters which library administrators can configure.

To configure the basic parameters of your library: 

1. Open the library administration interface from the Administration menu.


2. Select General settings in the left panel.


3. In the Title field, you can rename your library.

4. Add a custom URL to your library. Learn more: Configure the home URL.

5. Create a redirection URL. Learn more: Define a URL for redirection.

6. Add a notification address to which library notifications will be sent. Learn more: Define a notification address

7. Configure the number of days documents are kept in the library's trash after they are deleted. The value by default is 30 days. Learn more: Manage deleted documents.

Important: AODocs is synchronized daily to remove documents that have exceeded the retention time. For example, if a document should be kept in the library trash for one day, it will be removed from the deleted documents (library trash) between one and two days after the deletion.

8. View the name and email address of the storage account of your library.

9. In the Locale email notifications field, select the language for translatable properties and values that are sent in workflow notification emailsLearn more: Translate and change property display in the workflow email.

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