What is the AODocs homepage?

In AODocs, your documents are stored in one or more libraries. Each library has its own configuration and lets you do specific actions on the documents. Learn more: AODocs overview: choose an AODocs library.

You can access your libraries from the AODocs homepage. This article explains how to:

Access the AODocs homepage
Navigate through the AODocs homepage

Access the AODocs homepage

To access the AODocs homepage:

1. Sign in with your Google Account in your browser.

2. Press the app launcher.

3. Scroll down or press More, then press AODocs.

4. You are redirected to the AODocs homepage.



Navigate through the AODocs homepage

On the AODocs homepage you can:

image02.pngAODocs homepage

From the AODocs homepage Help menu, you can select:

  • Knowledge Base: to access the AODocs Knowledge Base or your company's specific documentation if your AODocs super administrator has customized the documentation URL.
  • Support: to access AODocs support or your company's specific support URL if your AODocs super administrator has customized the support URL.
  • Status page: to access the AODocs status page, which displays the current status of the AODocs services and the history of past service disruptions. On the status page you can also subscribe to service status alerts.
  • About: to access information about the current version of AODocs

On the top right of the screen, you can click your email to switch account, switch domain or log out. Learn more: Switch your account.

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