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AODocs allows users from different Google domains to collaborate on the same library. This situation may arise when, for example, clients and suppliers need to exchange documents and use AODocs as a collaborative platform.

Note: Google Workspace admins can globally disable external sharing of Google Drive files in your domain or organizational unit. In such cases, AODocs can't override this setting and AODocs can't share Google Drive files with users outside your Google domain.

In the following examples, we look at the user bob@demo.aodocs.com, who can access AODocs libraries from:

  • his own domain: demo.aodocs.com
  • an external domain: altirnao.com

If you're using AODocs on different domains, you can switch between them after signing in to AODocs. 

1. Open your user menu and select Switch domain.

2. In the Select domain pop-up, select the domain you want to use and press Switch domain.


You are redirected to the AODocs homepage on the domain selected.

Note: When you are using AODocs on an external domain, the domain you're using is displayed in the user menu next to your account.

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