Create your first Document Management library

Libraries are document containers. Each library has its own specific configuration.

A Document Management library is associated with either:

  • a single Google Drive storage account that owns all the attachments in your library
  • one or more Google Cloud Storage (GCS) buckets where the attachments in your library are stored

– Google users can create Document Management libraries using either Google Drive storage or Google Cloud Storage. Microsoft users can create only Document Management libraries using Google Cloud Storage.
– You must also be a library creator to new libraries. This role is defined and managed at the domain level by AODocs super administrators. Learn more: Manage library creators.

To create your first Document Management library, three options are available:

  • Create your Document Management library from scratch
    You can create a blank library without any pre-existing configuration. Learn more: Create a library from scratch

Tip: If you are familiar with AODocs libraries and you have a clear idea of your library configuration, you can create a new Document Management library and configure it from scratch.

  • Create a library from a template (not available for GCS-based storage)
    There are several templates for Document Management libraries available in the AODocs interface. Each of these template describes a specific use case and is preconfigured. Learn more: Create a library from a template

– If your business need corresponds to one of the template libraries, you can create a new Document Management library with the configuration in the template.
– If you haven't figured out how you want to design your library, templates are a good way to try out AODocs for a specific use case.

  • Copy an existing Document Management library (not available for GCS-based storage)
    If you are already familiar with AODocs and you have some libraries in your domain, you can create a new Document Management library with the configuration of one of your existing libraries. Only the configuration of the source library are copied; documents and permissions are not copied. Learn more: Create a library by copy

– Creating a library by copy can be useful for libraries that need to be replicated recurrently, for example, "Finance Audit 2017", "Finance Audit 2018", "Finance Audit 2019". 
– You can also create libraries with the same configuration to manage different projects, transform a test library into a production library, and so on.

Note: If you need guidance to design and implement your library, the AODocs service team is available to help you organize an assessment workshop and provide solutions to transform your business need into an AODocs library. You can contact your AODocs sales representative or send an email to

When you've created your Document Management library, learn more about the next steps.

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