Delete documents in AODocs

Users can delete documents from an AODocs library (if they have permission).

When a user deletes a document, it goes to the AODocs library trash and stays there for the defined library retention period. It is then permanently deleted. Learn more: Manage the retention period of deleted files.

During the retention period, library administrators can:

  • permanently delete the document
  • restore the document

This article explains how to:

Delete documents from a view
Delete documents from the document page

Delete documents from a view

– This feature isn't yet available in the beta version of views. If you're using the beta version, switch back to standard views.
– You can also delete folders from a view. Learn more: Delete folders in AODocs.

1. In a view, select one or more documents you want to delete.

2. Press the Delete button in the action bar.

3. Press Delete in the confirmation message.


Delete documents from the document page

1. Open a document.

2. Open the More actions menu and select Delete.

3. In the Delete document pop-up, you can add a comment to indicate the reason for deleting the document.

4. Press Delete.


Note: The comment is visible to library administrators if they have the URL of the deleted document. Learn more: View details about a deleted document.

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