Move documents or folders to a different folder

As a library contributor, you can move documents or folders into a different folder within the same library.

– Folders are always available in Team Folders and Secured Folders. In Document Management libraries, folders must be configured by library administrators.
– As standard, only library administrators can export documents or folders to other libraries.

This article describes how to:

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Move documents or folders from a view

To move documents or folders from one folder to another:

1. Open a view.

2. To move:

  • documents – select the document you want to move and click the folder button in the toolbar
  • a folder – select the folder, click the More actions menu and select Move to 

Tip: In standard views you can select folders and documents in the central panel.


4. The Move dialog opens. Select the folder where you want to move your items.

Note: The Move dialog defaults to:
– the parent folder of the current folder (if one or more documents in the same folder are selected)
– the selected folder in the browse by view (if two or more documents in different folders are selected)

Tip: You can search existing folders or create new ones in your folder structure.

5. Click Move items.

Note: When you move documents to a different folder, the last modification date and author are not updated.


6. A progress bar appears at the top of the screen. Click View more details if you want to see details of the move operation.

Move a document from the document page

1. Open a document.

2. Select Move in the More actions menu.

Follow the procedure from step 4 above.


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