Manage permissions with Google groups

Groups are the standard way to manage large sets of users, for example when a whole department needs to have access to a library. Groups greatly simplify the management of permissions, especially when users join or leave groups, as there is no need to update each set of permissions separately.

You can integrate Google groups and Microsoft groups in AODocs.  

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This article describes how to manage permissions with Google groups in AODocs.

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In which AODocs libraries can you use Google groups?

You can use Google groups in:

  • any type of library – Team Folders, Secured Folders and Document Management libraries
  • libraries using any of the compatible storage platforms – Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage or Azure Blob storage

Learn more about the differences between the various storage platforms for AODocs.

The Google Directory stores profile information for users on your domain, such as Google groups. The Google Directory is managed through the Google Workspace Admin Console. Learn more:

AODocs can access information in the Google Directory on your domain. This means AODocs can autosuggest the names of Google groups and recover the email address in the groups. 

Note: AODocs can only access Google groups on your domain. It can't access Google groups on other domains even if they are within the same organization.

Which features allow permissions to be set with Google groups?

AODocs autosuggests the names of Google groups and recovers the email addresses in the groups for the following features:

Note: You can enter the email address of a Google group in a Person property when the Multiple values option is selected for a property. Learn more: Create custom properties.

Which users can be included in Google groups?

You can include any type of user with any email address in a Google group, including Microsoft users. They inherit the permissions of the group just like Google users.

How do I manage Google groups?

You must be a Google group manager to create and manage groups. Google Workspace super admins can decide who can create Google groups in the Google Admin Console.

If your Google group is configured to receive email notifications from AODocs, make sure the group's posting permissions are set to Anyone on the web.

Note: This option is available only if it's enabled in the Google Admin Console by Google Workspace super admins or users with group management rights.
Learn more:
Options for limiting group access & activity
Manage your groups - View or edit group details

Learn more: Create a group & choose group settings

Note: To avoid confusion and better maintain your Google groups, we recommend using naming conventions.

Google Groups can be nested (groups containing other groups) to cascade permissions down to the end users of the final groups. AODocs supports nested Google groups, so if you select a Google group with nested groups,  AODocs can retrieve the users in nested groups as well as the top-level group.

You can rename Google groups (group name and email address) on the condition that the original email address is kept as an alias of the group. Learn more: Manage your groups – Add or remove group email aliases.

The list of groups on your domain is refreshed every 6 hours. The list of the members of the groups is refreshed once a day. 

Note: This is the exactly the same refresh rate as for Microsoft groups.

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