Configure security settings in Secured Folders in the Google Drive interface

As a library administrator, you can access your Secured Folder settings directly from Google Drive.

Note: You can also configure your Secured Folder security settings in AODocs.

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Access the Secured Folder security center

1. Access a Secured Folder as a library administrator.

2. Click the gear button and select Security center.



In the General tab, you can:

  • rename the Secured Folder’s root folder

Note: Don't use the Rename button in Google Drive to rename your Secured Foder, as AODoc doesn't recognize it.



In the Security tab you can prevent users from:

Note: In Secured Folders, administrators can prevent users from deleting, renaming or creating files and folders at the root folder level. This option is available in the AODocs interface. Learn more: Configure security settings in Secured Folders from AODocs.



In the Permissions tab, you can configure who has access to the Secured Folder.

You can:

  • define the permissions mode
  • manage your root folder permissions
  • add new users or groups to the Secured Folder
  • edit permissions for existing users

Learn more: Configure security settings in Secured Folders from AODocs.



In the Properties tab, you can add, edit or remove AODocs properties from a document class directly from Google Drive. Learn more: Configure custom properties from Google Drive.


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