Install the AODocs Smartbar

The AODocs Smartbar is a Chrome extension that brings AODocs features directly into your Google Drive and Gmail interface.

In Google Drive, files and folders managed by AODocs are detected by the AODocs Smartbar and additional features are added to your Google Drive as additional buttons.
In Gmail, the AODocs Smartbar allows you to import emails from Gmail to an AODocs library.

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- You need to be logged in to your Google account and have the permission to install extensions on your computer.
- You must be using one of the latest five stable versions of Google Chrome. For example, if the latest stable Chrome version is 58, you need Chrome version 54 or above. 
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Note: Some organizations don't allow their employees to modify their own Chrome browser configuration. In this case, contact your administrator to ask for the installation.

Install the AODocs Smartbar
Enable AODocs Smartbar features in different Google Services

Install the AODocs Smartbar

1. Open AODocs Smartbar for G Suite on the Web Store of your Google Chrome Profile.

2. Press the + ADD TO CHROME button.
    A confirmation pop-up opens.


3. In the confirmation pop-up, press the Add extension button.


4. Wait for the installation to complete.
A message appears under the extension button to confirm that the installation is complete and that the extension has been successfully added.


Enable AODocs Smartbar features in different Google Services

The first time you access Google Drive or Gmail after installing the AODocs Smartbar, a pop-up AODocs - Request for permission opens.
This is where you define in which interface the AODocs features can be enabled.

1. In the AODocs - Request for permission pop-up, check the Gmail option if you want to authorize the Smartbar to work in your Gmail interface.
 Uncheck the Gmail option to disable the AODocs Smartbar features in your Gmail interface.

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Note: The options Google Drive and Google Docs / Sheets / Slides are checked by default, so you can use AODocs from Google Drive and Google editor pages. You can't  uncheck these options.

2. Press the Open the authorization page button.


3. The permissions required by AODocs to interact with Google Drive (and Gmail if you checked it) are listed. Press Allow.


Note: If you are in Google Drive, the AODocs Smartbar launches its discovery tour automatically.


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