Manage pre-defined roles

AODocs libraries contain pre-defined roles, each with a specific set of permissions.

Learn more: What are roles?

Library administrators can:

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Assign pre-defined roles to users or Google groups

1. Access the library administration.

2. Select Roles. The list of roles in your library appears.

Note: Team Folders don't have the pre-defined roles Contributors or Readers.

3. Click the name of a pre-defined role. A list of members opens. 


4. Click the Add button and select one of:

  • Add users or groups
  • Add everybody: everyone in your domain becomes a member of the Google group

5. If you selected Add users or groups, a dialog opens where you can select users or Google groups. Enter names or email addresses of individuals or Google groups in your domain.

Note: You can't currently add Microsoft groups in roles. Learn more about Microsoft groups in AODocs and Google groups in AODocs.

– If you assign an advanced permissions role to a user who isn't defined in the library, they won't have access to the library. Learn more: What are roles?
– In Secured Folders and Document Management libraries, you can assign advanced permissions roles  to any user defined as a contributor or reader in the library.
– In Team Folders, you can assign advanced permissions roles to any user with read or edit access to the library. Learn more: Configure security settings in Team Folders from AODocs.
– You can assign any number of advanced permissions role to a given user.

6. Click Save.


– To delete a user or Google group from the list of members, click the trash button. The user is then marked for delete. When you click Save the user or Google group is deleted from the list of members.
– Click the marked for delete button to cancel your selection.

Edit the description of pre-defined roles

1. In the list of roles, click the More actions button next to a pre-defined role and select Edit name and description.

2. In the Edit role dialog, change the description of the pre-defined role.

Note: You can't delete pre-defined roles or change their names.


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