Migrate for AODocs V16 Release notes

Hi Migrate for AODocs users,

We're pleased to announce release 16 of Migrate for AODocs!

Choose to extract the title or attachment name as the document title

When setting up a Sharepoint migration, you can now choose if you want to extract the Sharepoint title or attachment name as the title for your AODocs document. These two options result in a spreadsheet containing only the column TITLE, filled in with the values extracted from either the title or the attachment name from Sharepoint.

These options are useful when migrating into a Team Folder or Secured Folder, as attachment names that are different from the title are not allowed.


You can choose to extract both columns if you’re migrating to a Document Management library.

Additional attachment checks during the validation stage

When migrating into a Team Folder or Secured Folder, the number of attachments is checked for each document. If any document has a number of attachments that is not equal to 1, an error is returned, allowing the user to correct it before the upload phase.

Another check is made for migrations containing relations. An error is returned during validation if a document is related to itself in the spreadsheet.

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