Migrate for AODocs V14 Release notes

Hi Migrate for AODocs users,

We're pleased to announce release 13 of Migrate for AODocs!

Better management of special characters for Drive migrations

We reworked the way document and attachment names are read, which means more special characters are supported, causing fewer errors during extraction and validation stages.

Better browsing of Google Drive folder tree

When migrating complex Google Drive folder structures, Migrate for AODocs now browses folder trees are now browsed in a more reliable way. The goal is to avoid folder duplications and errors during creation caused by non-created folders.

The list of shared drives can now contain more than 100 entries

When creating a migration with Drive source, the list of entire shared drives you can migrate is no longer limited to 100, allowing you to see all of them.


And there’s more:

  • Advanced users can now find one Gateway log file per migration, instead of one per Gateway session
  • Fixed issue: clicking Next stage button is now taken into account
  • Fixed issue:  migrations no longer disappear when their stage is REPORT and their status is ERROR
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