Migrate for AODocs V29 Release notes

Hi Migrate for AODocs users,

We're pleased to announce release 29 of Migrate for AODocs

We hope you enjoy it!

This version will be available at the beginning of February.

Batch migrations 

Sharepoint is now fully supported in batch migrations. You can:

  • specify a distinct user and password for each row (migration)
  • define a title based on the attachment name or document

Additional configurations are available at the data level. You can:

  • specify the target root folder
  • mute workflow notifications


We have implemented a higher security level by encrypting all your refresh tokens with a rotating key that prevents any access to your credentials except by the Migrate for AODocs application.

Other security improvements:

  • The following libraries have been updated:
    • ch.qos.logback:logback-classic
    • google.golang.org/grpc
    • com.fasterxml.jackson.core:jackson-databind
    • cxf-core
    • com.google.guava:guava 
  • We performed an authentication flow review


We improved scalability across multiple migrations on the same domain, allowing Migrate for AODocs to speed up the process by up to ten times for cloud storage migrations.

Technical improvements

  • Multiple AODocs instance management: on dedicated instances, it's now possible to connect to several instances of AODocs from a single instance of Migrate for AODocs
  • Cache improvements 
  • Gateway is now running on Java 17, but can still run on Java 11.

Bug fixes

  • Migrate for AODocs now supports more than 100,000 attachments per migration.
  • Sharepoint users are only set if necessary. 

New technical feature

For small migrations, Migrate for AODocs now supports an embedded source in the migration payload.

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