Migrate for AODocs V26 Release notes

Hi Migrate for AODocs users,

We're pleased to announce release 26 of Migrate for AODocs!

Overview: What's new?

New feature

Technical improvements

Autocomplete on Categories

Previously, you needed to know the category value to fill in the spreadsheet.

You now have access to autocomplete on category values.

Are there any limitations?

Yes, there are four:

  • Category values deeper than the 4th level aren’t displayed.
  • Only the first 128 values are displayed.
  • Outdated categories aren’t displayed.
  • If you need to fill in multiple values, you need to bypass the autocomplete feature.

Technical improvements

New sign-in flow


The initial authentication doesn't require any scopes as you can use Migrate for AODocs as a viewer.

As soon as you perform an operation that requires additional scopes (creating migrations, opening the Drive picker etc.) a pop-up will appear to request consent for these additional scopes.


Why these changes?

The Google authentication flow that Migrate for AODocs was using is being deprecated.

The update is required to support the new Google authentication method.

Java 11 to Java 17

Active support on version 11 ends in 6 months. We will then upgrade our backend application to the latest official LTS Java version: 17

Learn more: Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap

We continue to support Java 11 for your Virtual Machine (VM) running the Gateway with this version, but you will soon have to upgrade your VM from 11 to 17.

Note: A dedicated communication will be sent with one month's notice.

Google Cloud armor

To improve security, we are enabling Google Web Application Firewall in front of our application.

Learn more: Google Cloud Armor

All the *.appspot.com URLs to access Migrate for AODocs will be blocked.

You should only use: https://migration.aodocs.com

Cloud endpoints to Swagger User Interface

Cloud endpoints will soon be deprecated by Google. We will then switch all the API interactions to Swagger.

Learn more: https://swagger.io


Access the API: https://migration.aodocs.com/api 

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