Migrate for AODocs V12.0 Release notes

Hi Migrate for AODocs users,

We're pleased to announce release 12 of Migrate for AODocs!

Select a template for your migration

When you create a migration, you can choose a document class for your migrated documents. As of release 12 you can also see all the templates defined in your destination library, and choose them for your migration.


If you select a template for your migration, all the default properties and values defined in the template are applied to all your documents unless you change their values in the migration spreadsheet.

If you select the option  Blank, the document class is selected with no template.

Templates are available both quick and advanced migrations.

Set workspace expiration dates

Administrators can now see expiration dates for the workspaces on their domain.

To extend the duration of the workspace, administrators can update the expiration date with preconfigured time periods (extend by 1 month, 3 months or expire today) or set a  custom date.


When users perform advanced migrations and select a workspace, they are now informed when their workspace is due to expire.


Import relations during migrations

In the migration spreadsheet, you can now add relations between two documents. This must be done manually. The only requisite is to have the relation previously defined in the target AODocs library.

In the example below, the following documents will be created: 

  • Contract1 will be related to Client1’s contract
  • Contract2 will be related to Client2’s contract


data tab



binding tab

Relations can also be created between an imported document and a document that already exists in the destination library: just use the AODocs document ID.

And there’s more...

You can now connect and refresh the gateway directly from the advanced creation form, in case you forgot to do it before

In the top menu, you can now select About to get full information on the Migrate for AODocs versions. There is even a link to the change log!


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