UFO V3.0 Release notes

Dear UFO users,

We’re pleased to announce a new version (3.0) of the Universal File Opener (UFO)!

With this release, we want to help our users who sometimes have to work offline. UFO is not totally offline compatible, but it allows you to access files from your cache and open them. To be sure the files you need are available, we added new options:

  • administrators can configure the maximum number of files users can keep in cache, allowing the default limitation of 100 files to be exceeded
  • all users can keep their files in cache until they decide to remove them

Configure the number of files users can keep in cache

In the last release, we gave administrators the possibility to define a custom default lock duration. Now they can define the maximum number of files that can be kept in cache. Using a registry key, they can configure a number depending on their UFO usage and needs.

Learn more about how it works.

New option to keep files in cache

In UFO, a file is removed from the cache when:

  • a file is added to a user's cache, which already contains 100 files – the least recently modified file is removed and the new file is added
  • a file has not been modified for 30 days

With this release, we’ve added a new option to override these two conditions. You can keep files in cache until you decide to remove them: just press the new icon to pin a file in cache and press again to unpin it. You can easily identify the files you've kept for offline access by sorting the Offline column.



Bug fixes

You now see the Unlock notification when you close a file before saving it.

Learn more: View supported files.

Launch details

Version 3.0 will be progressively rolling out on 28 October 2019. 

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