UFO 7.0 Release notes

Dear UFO users, 

We’re pleased to announce a new version (7.0) of the Universal File Opener (UFO)!

With this release we’ve added quick access to the version history of your Drive files.

Access file version history with UFO

When working in the Google Drive interface, you can access the version history of non-Google files and download the required version. Thanks to your feedback, we’re aware that this feature can be really useful, especially if you have doubts about potential editing conflicts.

It’s now possible to access the version history of your files opened with UFO from both AODocs and Google Drive:

1. Open the UFO Cached files pop-up and hover over a file. The version history button appears. 


2. Press the Version history button to open a new page where you can find full information about the version history for this file in Google Drive. Learn more: Access the Drive version history of cached files.


Other improvements

To make it easier to edit XSLM files using UFO, we removed the dialog that required your confirmation before opening the file.

Bug fixes

When you open a file on macOS, the application to edit the file now opens in the foreground.

Launch details

Version 7.0 will be progressively rolling out mid-January 2021.

Have a new feature idea or request for UFO? Continue to share your ideas in our community or tell us how you use UFO and what you’re expecting by filling in this short form!

The AODocs Team

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