UFO 5.0 Release notes (technical release)

Dear UFO users,

We’re pleased to announce a new version (5.0) of the Universal File Opener (UFO)!

With this release we improved the stability of UFO so we can add more and more features in the future.

Why work on technical topics?

UFO is now two years old. After three major releases in 2019 it was time to think about our 2020 objectives and where we want to take UFO in the next few years. As you may know, when developing software it’s necessary to take time to work on technical topics to make sure the product remains up to date and evolutive.

We improved the help available when you encounter a bug (and we’re planning further improvements). We also optimized the downloading and opening of files to avoid getting notifications about locked files when the files aren’t locked.
And finally, we made upgrades to the technologies we use to develop UFO.

So yes, we’ve been working on UFO over the last few months, and even if you can’t see the results directly there will be real benefits in the next releases.

What do we mean by "improve stability"?

We made UFO for you, and our goal is for you to be happy using it. That’s why we also took the time to fix some bugs and stabilize the extension:

  • We improved the way UFO recognizes when a file is closed and UFO can now automatically unlock more file types on MacOs.
  • If you already pinned a file once and removed it from the cache, the file is no longer automatically pinned when you open it again.
  • The ability to cancel the download of big files is available again (this option is only available when the download takes too long).

Help us define what’s coming next!

We have lots in our UFO roadmap, but we’d like the extension to evolve in a way that answers your needs and solves your problems.

With this short form, tell us how you use UFO and what you’re expecting in 2020!

The UFO team

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