UFO 4.0 Release notes

Dear UFO users,

We’re pleased to announce a new version (4.0) of the Universal File Opener (UFO)!

Note: You may have to re-enable UFO in Google Chrome because the extension needs a new permission to work in your Google Docs editors. Learn more: Permissions required by the Universal File Opener.

With this release we’re making UFO more compatible with Google’s Microsoft Office file edition feature. We’ve reduced the risk of editing conflicts when you and your co-workers have UFO installed and you’re working in a Microsoft Office file using a Google editor.

Be careful, your file may have been locked by someone else!

“We recommend you use Universal File Opener when editing a Microsoft Office file because UFO can lock the file to prevent editing conflicts.”

When you’re working in a Microsoft Office file using a Google editor, you can see two different banners depending on the risk level of encountering an editing conflict:

  • The file is not yet opened by another user: we recommend you use UFO but if you continue in the Google Editor, you can lock the file directly from the banner. 


  • The file is already opened by another user: we recommend you open the file in read-only. If you edit the file, it’s highly likely that you’ll encounter an editing conflict and changes may be lost.


Bug fix

When you open a document in read-only, the document is no longer locked.

Launch details

Version 4.0 will be progressively rolling out on 12 December 2019.


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The AODocs Team

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