Configure the default lock duration on your domain for files opened with UFO

By default, when users open or save files with UFO, files are locked for one hour.
Learn more: UFO: Manage locked files.

If you deploy UFO on your domain, you can configure the lock duration for users on your domain. 

– If the UFO extension is already installed, you must disable it then re-enable it to be able to access this feature.
– To deploy the lock duration configuration to your domain, you must use Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) for macOS or Group Policy Object (GPO) for Windows.

This article explains how to: 

Configure the lock duration in Windows
Configure the lock duration on macOS

Configure the lock duration in Windows  

Configure the lock duration in the Windows Registry, in one of two places.

  • For all users on the machine: 


  • For the current user: 


Note: The value must be defined in seconds. 

To set a lock duration of 30 minutes:

1. Open the Registry Editor.

2. Expand: 

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software (for the current user)

3. Right-click New > Key.

4. Name the key AODocs.

5. Right-click New > Key.

6. Name the key UFO.

7. Right-click UFO and select New > QWORD (64-bit) Value.

8. Name the value LockDurationSeconds.

9. Double-click the value.

10. Under Base, choose Decimal.

11. Under Value data, enter 1800.

12. Click OK.

Configure the lock duration on macOS

Configure the lock duration for the current user in a TOML file in the sync client's hidden directory.

– The value must be defined in seconds.
– You can't set the lock duration for all users on macOS.

To set a lock duration of 30 minutes for the current user:

1. Create a plain text file called config.toml in the $HOME/.syncclient folder.

2. Enter the following in the config.toml file:

lock_duration_seconds = 1800

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