UFO 9.0 Release notes

Dear UFO users,

We’re pleased to announce a new version (9.0) of the Universal File Opener (UFO)!

UFO version 9.0 brings a new sign-in progress. Google is deprecating the authentication process we were using until now, so we’re replacing it with another one.

This article describes:

  •  full details of the changes
  •  the actions required to ensure a smooth transition to the new sign-in process for UFO

In this article:

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Google Workspace admins: new OAuth 2.0 client ID

Universal File Opener 9.0 will use a new OAuth 2.0 client ID. If your domain configuration requires you to allowlist applications, a Google Workspace admin must add the new client ID to your allowlist before the end of August 2023.

To do this, Google Workspace administrators can follow this link: https://admin.google.com/ac/owl/list?tab=configuredApps

Don’t remove the current client ID from your allowlist until all users have upgraded to UFO 9.0.

The current client IDs are:

  • UFO EAP 8.9: 269519378658-f24ftc1n0ecs2r98o4vru3v7jnavil9h.apps.googleusercontent.com
  • UFO 8.9: 269519378658-f24ftc1n0ecs2r98o4vru3v7jnavil9h.apps.googleusercontent.com

The new client IDs are:

  • UFO EAP 9.0: 269519378658-bscvplqlf83dmif0hfdojpsnebmt0s3p.apps.googleusercontent.com
  • UFO 9.0: 269519378658-qar6jcl13i5a3n9em5af50vddl99gpve.apps.googleusercontent.com

End users: authorize UFO to access your Google Drive

Currently, users have to grant the Drive scope only when using UFO in Google Drive.

When using UFO in AODocs, users don’t have to grant the Drive scope because the authentication flow and permissions are managed by AODocs.

With Universal File Opener version 9.0, authentication and permissions are managed only by UFO, not AODocs. As a result, users must grant the Drive scope to UFO the first time they use the new version.

The first time users open a file in AODocs with UFO 9.0, the following prompt opens and they must click Grant permissions to grant the Drive scope to UFO. This is a prerequisite for authentication.


Note: Users who have already authorized UFO to access their Drive (before 9.0) aren’t required to do so again.

If you don’t want users to grant the Drive scope manually, Google Workspace admins can install the Universal File Opener Marketplace app.

Google Workspace admins: Install the Marketplace app to grant the Drive scope for all users

To prevent individual users having to grant the Drive scope for UFO, we created a Marketplace app that lets you install UFO and grant the Drive scope to all users on your domain. Install this app on your domain or on specific Organizational Unit(s) before the end of August to benefit from this feature.

Other limitations

Sign in to Chrome

Users must be signed in to their Chrome profile to use UFO. If they’re not signed in, the following prompts open:

  • Drive user interface:
  • AODocs user interface:

Use one account per Chrome profile

When using UFO, only one account per Chrome profile is supported. To use UFO with different accounts, users must open different Chrome profiles.

Learn more: Google Chrome usage recommendations.

If users are signed in to more than one account on their Chrome profile, the following prompts open:

  • Drive user interface:
  • AODocs user interface:

Sign up to the Early Access Program

If you would like to explore the new sign in flow in advance, sign up to our Early Access Program (EAP). This lets you install a private UFO extension on your Google accounts before General Availability of the public version of Universal File Opener 9.0. To subscribe to the Early Access Program, fill in this form

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