Use AODocs bookmarklet - Audit Log

1. Definition

This bookmarklet enables users to export the audit log of a domain, library or document in two different formats, a CSV file or a Google Sheet. More precisely, it gives the possibility to export a subset of all the activities of a domain, a library and a document at any time.

2. Supported pages and permissions

The records exported by the “Audit Log” bookmarklet depend on where you run it. The table below indicates according to where the bookmarklet is run in AODocs what are the permissions needed, and for each page which audit log records will be exported:

Bookmarklets works on

AODocs homepage

Library homepage

Document page

Permission required





All audit log records of the domain

All audit log records of the library

Only audit log records of the current document

3. How to use the “Audit Log” bookmarklet?

After installing the “Audit Log” bookmarklet, go on a page supported by it with the right permissions (see previous section) and click on the bookmark (1).

Launching the “Audit Log” bookmarklet on AODocs

Then, the pop up of the “Audit Log” appears, prompting for the following parameters:

  • The domain from which the audit log data will be exported (2).
  • The format of the export: CSV file or a Spreadsheet (3).
  • The filters of the export: by date (starting and ending date) and by scope (4).
    Learn more here: View the audit log

You can then execute the “Audit Log” (5) and, depending on the export format you requested, a spreadsheet is downloaded or is created in your My Drive with the exported audit log records (see below).

Choosing the option of the audit log export

Spreadsheet of the audit logs

- The bookmarklet can export at most 1000 audit log records at a time.
If there are more than 1000 log records, the logs from the 1001th to the 2000th are written in a new spreadsheet or a new downloaded file.
- Once the export is over, the user can return to the first panel in order to change the settings and perform another export.

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