Use AODocs bookmarklet: Metadata Copy


This bookmarklet lets you copy selected properties from a source document to a set of destination documents from the same library and same document class. With the Metadata Copy bookmarklet, you can easily update the properties of several documents in one single operation.

– You can't use bookmarklets with new views. Switch to legacy views.
– You can use Bulk Updater to update properties in bulk.

Supported pages and permissions

You can use the Metadata Copy bookmarklet in any legacy view. To run the bookmarklet, you must:

  • have edit permissions on the destination documents and their properties
  • be at at least viewer of the source document and a contributor of the destination documents

Run Metadata Copy

1. After installing the Metadata Copy bookmarklet, open a legacy view in a library where you have contributor permissions.

2. Click Metadata Copy in your bookmark bar. The Metadata Copy dialog opens.

3. In the search bar, enter the name of the source document you want to copy the properties from. The search is case insensitive and allows keyword search.

Note: The search doesn't support partial wording (for example, “appl” won't match a document titled “Apple”).

4. If required, click the switch button to choose between a search by ID and a search by name.

5. The search results are listed in the dialog. Select the document to use as the source document.

6. Click Next.

Note: If the legacy view is configured to filter documents based on specific criteria, the bookmarklet won't find documents that don't match the view’s filters. Learn more: Configure views in your library.


7. In the following screen, choose which properties of the source document you want to copy. The properties that are not selected with the checkboxes will be ignored by the bookmarklet.

8. Use the Overwrite properties switch to define how to apply the property values on the target documents:

  • If Overwrite properties is turned on, the existing property values in the target documents will be reset before inserting the property values of the source document.
    For example, if a target document has a multivalue property named Countries, which contains two values USA and Canada, and if the source document’s Countries property contains only Mexico, after the operation the target document’s Countries property will only contain Mexico.
  • If Overwrite properties is turned off, the existing values in the multivalue properties of the target documents will be preserved.
    For example, in the same case as above, after the operation the target document’s Countries property will contain three values USA, Canada and Mexico.

9. Click Next.

Note: The bookmarklet can only copy custom properties. It can't copy system properties, such as document creator, last update date, creation date.


10. In the last screen, select the destination documents on which the properties of the source document will be applied.

Note: You can only copy properties to destination documents that are displayed on the current page of your legacy view. You can configure the number of documents displayed per page in the legacy view, with up to 100 documents per page. This means the maximum number of destination documents that can be selected in the bookmarklet is 100.

11. Click Execute. A success message appears.


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