Use AODocs bookmarklet: View Thumbnails


This bookmarklet lets you view document attachments as thumbnails.

Supported pages and permissions

You can use the View Thumbnails bookmarklet in any AODocs view containing documents with attachments. Readers can use the View Thumbnails bookmarklet.

Run View Thumbnails

1. After installing the View Thumbnails bookmarklet, go to a view that contains one or more documents with an attachment.

Note: If the view has a browsing panel, you can press a browsing option to refine which thumbnails are displayed. Learn more: What are views?

2. Press View Thumbnails in your bookmark bar.

3. The View Thumbnails pop-up opens and the attachments are displayed as thumbnails.

  • In Team Folders and Secured Folders, the thumbnails are listed in the pop-up.

    image01.pngView Thumbnails bookmarklet in a Secured Folder with a browsing option selected
  • In Document Management libraries, the thumbnails are listed under each document name in the pop-up.
    Note: Documents without attachments are not listed as there are no thumbnails to display.
    View Thumbnails bookmarklet in a Document Management library
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