Import Google Drive files and folders into a Secured Folder or Team Folder

You can import files and folders from your My Drive into Secured Folders and Team Folders.

Import Google Drive folders from the AODocs interface
Import Google Drive files and folders directly from Google Drive

Import Google Drive folders from the AODocs interface

Note: This feature isn’t yet available in the beta version of views. If you’re using the beta version, switch back to standard views.

1. Open a view in a Team Folder or Secured Folder.

2. Press the Import folders from Google Drive button. 


3. A pop-up displays all the folders you own in Google Drive. Select the folder you want to import.

4. Press Select.


If you aren't an AODocs super administrator, the following restrictions apply when you use the folder import feature:

  • You can only import folders you own.
  • You can't import more than 100 files at once.

If one of these restrictions is encountered, the progress bar that appears during the import operation is displayed in red and shows that an error has occurred. Press View more details to see the reason why the import failed.


If you press View more details when an error occurred, a pop-up displays the error encountered during the import.

image04.pngError details: the limit of 100 files has been exceeded

image05.pngError details: the files in the folder are not all owned by the user running the import

Tip: If you need to import a folder that contains more than 100 files or files owned by multiple users, an AODocs super administrator can perform the operation without errors.

Import Google Drive files and folders from Google Drive

Note: This procedure doesn't require the AODocs Smartbar to be installed. If you have the Smartbar installed, there are several options for importing files and folders into AODocs. Learn more:
Add files and folders to your Team Folders
– Add files and folders to your Secured Folder

1. Right-click a file or folder in your My Drive.

2. Select Open with > AODocs.


3. In the Import to AODocs pop-up under Destination library, select a Team Folder or a Secured Folder from the drop-down list. 

Tip: Your favorite Team Folders and Secured Folders are at the top of the list.


4. Under Destination folder, select the folder where you want to import your selected file or folder.

5. Press Import to root folder or Import to subfolder (depending on your choice in the previous step).

Tip: You can search for folders and create new folders in your folder structure.


6. You can follow the link to view the progress of the export.


Details of the job status open in a new tab.


7. When the export is complete, you can:

  • Go to the library homepage 
  • Open in view

Note: In Google Drive:
– when you export a document, the document URL stays the same after the export
– when you export a folder, the folder URL changes after the export


Note: This operation is recorded in the library audit log, which can be accessed by library administrators.

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