List of email notifications sent by AODocs

AODocs sends automated notifications to specific users when certain events occur.

Below is a list of the default email notifications that AODocs sends. 

Two custom configuration flags are available to change the default notifications for the whole domain or specific libraries. You can use the API to: 

Sender name
Email address
Purpose of the email 
AODocs Workflow Validation
Email sent to document approvers in workflows
Learn more: Configure workflow notifications

AODocs Workflow Notification

Email sent to notify users that a document workflow state has changed
Learn more: Configure workflow notifications

AODocs Composite Library Creation

Email sent after a Document Management library has been successfully created by email
Learn more: Create your first Document Management Library
AODocs Document Creation
Email sent after a document has been successfully created by email
Learn more: Create AODocs documents from emails
AODocs Document Discard
Email sent after an administrator has discarded a checked out document
Learn more: Cancel the check-out of a document
AODocs Custom Scripts
Email sent by custom scripts when an error occurs
AODocs Export
Email sent after a completed export
Learn more: Export documents to a library
AODocs Sharing Request
Sharing request notification
Learn more: Redirect permission requests to library administrators
AODocs Drive Push
Push library shortcut to My Drive notification
Learn more: Push AODocs Team Folder or Secured Folder shortcuts to User's My Drive
AODocs Licensing
Low license count notification
Learn more: Manage user licenses

Other system notifications

User who sends the notification + (Via AODocs)

Email sent with the Notify users option
Learn more: Notify by email users who have access to the document

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