Access the domain administration

On the domain administration homepage, you can configure and manage domain-level settings.

Important: The AODocs domain administration homepage is available to:
– AODocs super administrators
– users with granular domain roles, who have permissions-based access to a restricted set of domain administration features

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Access the domain administration

From the end user interface

As a super administrator, you can access the domain administration from any end user page, such as the AODocs homepage (shown below), the library homepage or the document page.


From the library administration

1. Open a library.

2. Access the library administration.

3. At the top right, select Domain administration in the drop-down menu.


From Google Drive

To complete these steps you must:
– be a Google user
– have the Smartbar extension installed – learn more: Install the AODocs Smartbar

1. From Google Drive, open the AODocs settings menu.

2. Select Domain administration. The Domain administration opens in the AODocs interface.


From a copied URL or a bookmark

If you're already signed in as a domain administrator, you can copy the domain administration URL and paste it into your browser to access the domain administration. 

If you're not already signed in:

  • Google users are prompted to sign in and can follow the link
  • Microsoft users have to sign in using the standard sign in process before accessing the domain administration this way

Overview of the domain administration homepage


The domain administration page displays the following:

  • Licensing: Manage user licenses and your AODocs subscription
  • Domain roles: Manage super administrators and library creators
  • External access: Manage external domains and external users
  • Library management: Manage libraries
  • Storage: Manage storage accounts
  • Audit log: Manage domain audit log
  • Third party access: Manage security access
  • Help and Support: Customize the URLs for your documentation and support

Note: If you have access to the domain administration because you have been allocated granular domain roles, you will only see the features for which you have permission. Learn more: Access the domain administration with granular domain administration permissions.

Learn more: Overview of the domain administration homepage.

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