Manage external users

By default, only users of your AODocs domain can access AODocs on your domain. As an AODocs super administrator, you can extend access to external users using the external users allowlist.

You can also allowlist external domains.

The table below indicates which types of external users and groups you can extend access to, according to your type of domain or tenant and license. 


Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Microsoft tenant


with an active AODocs Content Services subscription

without an active AODocs Content Services subscription

with an active AODocs Content Services subscription

Individual external Google users

Google groups containing external users


Individual external Microsoft users 


Microsoft groups containing external users

icons-cross.png icons-cross.png icons-cross.png


– External users using AODocs are counted as licensed users. Learn more: Manage user licenses.
– If you add Google groups containing external users, the Google groups must be on the Google domain where AODocs is installed. All external members of the group will be considered as being part of the external users allowlist.

– In all types of library, external users must be allowlisted to be able to access libraries via the AODocs user interface.
– In Secured Folders and Document Management libraries using Google Drive storage, contributors can give external users access to attachments stored in Google Drive: in this case, external users can access the attachments via Google Drive. If you set up additional permissions in Secured Folders you don't have to allowlist external users. Learn more: Set an additional Google Drive permissions on attachments in Secured Folders. However, if you set up additional permissions in Document Management libraries the external users must be allowlisted as well. Learn more: Set additional Google Drive permissions on attachments in Document Management libraries.
– In Team Folders, contributors can give external users who aren't allowlisted access to Google Drive attachments by adding them to the permissions. 

This article explains how to allowlist users and Google groups.

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Access the External access settings page

1. Access the domain administration.

2. Click External access in the left menu and select Group and user allowlist.


Add external users and groups to the allowlist

1. Click the Add button.

2. Enter the email addresses of individual Microsoft or Google users or Google groups.

Note: You can add as many email addresses as you want.

3. Click Save.


Tip: Adding a Google group to your allowlist lets you handle AODocs external users quickly and easily. If an external user is added to an allowlisted Google group, this new member will become an allowlisted external user. It allows management of allowlisted users without being an AODocs super administrator.

Edit or remove an allowlisted email

1. Open the More actions menu next to an individual user. Select:

  • Edit to edit the name of the individual user.

Note: You can't edit the display name of allowlisted Google groups in AODocs. The name of the group is the one configured in your Google Admin console .

  • Remove to remove the email address of the individual user.

2. To remove a Google group from the allowlist, click the Remove button. A confirmation message opens.


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