Manage external users

By default, only users of the AODocs domain can access AODocs for your domain. The access can be extended to external users using the whitelist managed by AODocs super administrators.
External users can be added as individual or as a Google Group and then access the AODocs interface.

- An external user has to own a Google account associated with their email address. To update an account, learn more: Accessing AODocs without a G Suite or Gmail account.
- An external user using AODocs is counted as licensed user.
- About Google Group: It must be a Google Group of the G suite domain where AODocs is installed. Any member of the group will be considered as being part of the external users whitelist.

- External users need to be whitslited to access a Secured Folder or a Document Management library.
- In a Secured Folder library and at the document level, contributors can also add an external users as additional permissions without a requesting a whitelist. Learn more: Share files and folders in your Secured Folder - Set a document additional permissions.

Image result for arrow icon Access the "external access" settings page
Image result for arrow icon Add a user or a Google Group to the whitelist
Image result for arrow icon Edit or delete a whitelisted email

Access the “external access” settings page

1. Go to the Domain Administration.

2. Click on “External access” in the left menu.

3. Select “Group and user whitelist”.


Add a user or a Google Group to the whitelist

1. Click the “+” button.

2. Enter the user or Google Group email address.

Note: You can add as many email addresses as you want.


3. Click “Save”.

Tips: Adding a Google Group to your whitelist is a way to handle more quickly and easily AODocs external users. If a member is added to a whitelisted Google Group, this new member will become a whitelisted external user. It allows managing whitelisted users without being an AODocs super administrator. 

Edit or remove a whitelisted email

1. Select the user or the Google Group.

2. Open the “More actions” menu.

  • To edit an email address, select “Edit” and save.
  • to delete an email address, select "Remove" and confirm.



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