Manage external domains

You can whitelist domains to give all the users from an other domain access to your AODocs. You can also add a specific user or a Google Group.
Learn more: Manage external users

Important: The domain name cannot be

 Access the "external access" settings page
 Add a domain to the whitelist
Edit or remove a whitelisted domain

Access the “external access” settings page

1. Go to the domain administration.

2. Click on “External access” in the left menu.


Add a domain to the whitelist

1. Click the “+” button.


2. Enter the domain name.

3. Click “Save”.

Note: You can add as many domains as you want.

Edit or remove a whitelisted domain

You can only edit the name of the domain.

1. Select the domain.

2. Open the "More actions" menu.

  • To edit a domain name, select “Edit” and save.
  • To delete a domain from the list, select "Remove" and confirm.




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