What is the library administration?

The library administration is an interface specific to each library. Library administrators can access it to configure library settings and manage daily activities in the library.

Note: AODocs super administrators can access all library administration interfaces.

The library administration interface has the following sections:

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Library configuration section

Under Library configuration, you have access to:

  • General settings: You can edit the title, image and description of the library.
    Learn more: Customize your library homepage.

  • Document classes: To create or import documents in your library, you must configure a document class. Document classes can be used to differentiate documents from the same library. 
    Learn more: What are document classes?
  • Categories: A category is a property type with a predefined set of possible values. You can list and configure the possible values of categories.
    Learn more: What are categories?
  • Views: You can configure the list of documents, properties, and filters by configuring the views.
    Learn more: Use views in your AODocs libraries
  • Relations: You can link documents with each other and display related documents in the document’s Properties tab. Related documents can be of the same or a different document class. 
    Learn more: Configure relations.

  • Roles: You can configure roles that can be used to set permissions and notifications.
    Learn more: What are roles?

  • Workflow: You can configure workflows to define the transitions and states of the documents.
    Learn more: What are workflows?

  • Emails: You can use AODocs to transform emails into documents.
    Learn more: Configure emails to documents

  • Custom scripts: You can run custom scripts using the library configuration section.


Library administration section

Under Library administration, you have access to:


Library administration header

In the library administration header, you have access to:


Quick Help widget

The Quick Help widget lets you access articles from the AODocs Knowledge Base directly from the library administration interface. You can also contact the AODocs Support team directly in this interface.


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