Behavior of AODocs with Workspace client-side encryption

If activated on your domain, Google Workspace's client-side encryption (CSE) allows specific Google Drive users to encrypt any kind of content (Google and non-Google files) without providing Google with the encryption keys.

Using client-side encryption impacts some features in both Google Drive and AODocs. The main restrictions to functionality concern the following features:

Important: We recommend not using CSE with AODocs for the moment.
Although it is possible to use Google attachments encrypted with CSE in AODocs, some important AODocs features are rendered unusable or inconsistent by CSE. The product team is working towards improving support of CSE.

This article specifies which AODocs features are impacted and how.


  • ✅ Features that continue to work as expected when using CSE with AODocs.
  • ❌ Features that aren't available or don't work at all when using CSE with AODocs.
  • ⚠️ Features that don't work as expected when using CSE with AODocs. Using these features with CSE may lead to inconsistencies in your documents.

For more information, contact your AODocs sales representative or send an email to

This article describes how using CSE affects the following features:

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Search documents

❌ When you search for documents in AODocs, any documents with encrypted attachments whose content matches the search criteria don't show in the search results.

You can search for documents:

Search field on the AODocs homepage

  • on the library homepage – this search applies to the default view; if a document with encrypted attachments matches the search criteria through its unencrypted attachments, property values or the document name, it shows in the results.

Search field on the library homepage (search is applied in the default view)

image03.pngSearch field in a view

Add document attachments

When adding attachments to a document in the AODocs user interface:

  • ✅ you can import existing encrypted files from your My Drive to a document
  • ❌ you can't create new Google encrypted files (Google documents, spreadsheets, presentations or drawings) as attachments – you must first create the encrypted file in Google Drive and then attach it to your AODocs document
  • ❌ you can't encrypt and upload files from your device (with or without conversion to a Google format)
  • ❌ you can't replace an existing encrypted attachment in a document – learn more: Replace existing attachments


Preview and edition

The table below shows which preview, edition and download features are available for encrypted attachments in the Google Drive and AODocs interfaces.

Note: Features marked with ❌ are unavailable. Available features marked with ✅ work as expected.

  Encrypted Google attachments
(Google documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.)
Encrypted non-Google attachments (Office files, PDFs, image files, etc.)
Preview in AODocs



Preview in a new tab (Google Drive)



Edit in AODocs



Edit in a new tab (Google Drive)


Edit encrypted Office files in Google Drive using Google apps (Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc.)



Download attachment in AODocs


No conversion available



Compare two versions of a Word attachment in AODocs

Learn more: Use the Compare feature in Word attachments.


Copy libraries

You can't copy any encrypted content or templates as it results in inconsistencies in the new library.

  • Copy the configuration only:
    • ⚠️ If there's one or more encrypted attachment in a template in the source library, inconsistencies can happen. Learn more about creating documents from templates containing one or more encrypted attachments.
    • ✅ You can copy the configuration if there's one or more encrypted attachment in a document in the source library because the attachments aren't copied in any case
  • ⚠️ Copy with content (with or without versioning) by API:

If there's one or more encrypted attachment in a document in the source library, the document isn't copied at all, even if it contains unencrypted attachments.

Copy documents

Copy and export

Create documents from templates

⚠️ Creating documents from templates containing encrypted attachments results in inconsistencies in the new document. Don't configure templates with encrypted attachments.

Check-out / Check-in

❌ Performing check-out/check-in on documents containing encrypted attachments doesn't work. 


⚠️ Don't create new versions of documents with encrypted attachments manually or through workflow transitions because it can result in inconsistencies.

Display thumbnails

Google Drive

When you add document attachments using the Google Drive picker, thumbnails mask the content of any encrypted attachments.



In AODocs, thumbnails mask the content of any encrypted attachments in the following contexts:

  • when you open the Edit/view attachments dialog in views



Universal file opener (UFO)

 ❌ You can't edit or view encrypted attachments with UFO. An error message appears.


Integrations (API) and Scripting (custom scripts)

All the features listed above behave similarly when executed from the AODocs REST API or from custom scripts.

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