Recommended limits in AODocs

Below is a list of the recommended limits to bear in mind when configuring your AODocs libraries. Libraries configured within these limits are guaranteed to work with acceptable performance. You can exceed these limits, but this may result in performance issues or errors.

100 classes

100 categories

10,000 folders

1,000,000 documents

100,000 attachments


100 properties

10 custom update actions

10 document templates


100 workflow states

100 transitions

Workflow state

10 transitions

10 custom workflow actions


10 000 total category values

100 direct subcategory values


100 attachments

100 versions

100 related items


100 direct child folders

1000 documents


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  • hi team when mentionning 10 000 total category values, you mean total category + subcategory = 10k correct ?
    I need to create a category value which has 10 000 values on first level, this will not be possible as limit would be 100 per level, correct ?

    Thanks for your feedback!

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  • We confirm the 10,000 values includes all the category & subcategories. Also, we do not recommend to have 10,000 values at any level but maximum 100. So, your assumptions are correct!

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