Firewall and proxy configuration recommendations

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The AODocs Smartbar and the AODocs user interface communicates with the AODocs servers to execute the actions requested by the end users, such as importing files, opening Microsoft Office documents, applying sharing permissions, etc.

The following table lists the URLs that the AODocs Smartbar extension is accessing from your Chrome browser. If your organization uses an HTTP proxy or other network filtering equipment, these URLs must not be blocked by the proxy for the AODocs Smartbar to work correctly:*

To allow the users to be identificated by Google*

The Smartbar extension access to this URL in order to get some configuration files*

For all the AODocs API requests*

For all the Google API requests*

To access to the AODocs interface and allow the “Edit in office” feature for the Smartbar*

Allow the “Edit in office” feature for the files not managed by AODocs*

To access to the AODocs installation page*

To use some Smartbar features as library configuration, or the Workflow basket.

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