Set up the Outlook add-in

The Outlook add-in lets you save emails and their attachments to AODocs Document Management libraries using Google Cloud Storage or Azure Blob storage. You can also use the Outlook add-in to pick attachments from AODocs and add them to a draft email.

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This article is for administrators. Before users can install and use the Outlook add-in, you must:  

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Activate the add-in on your domain

To activate the Outlook add-in on your domain, contact your sales representatives or send an email to:

Set up libraries for use with the add-in

Important: You can use the Outlook add-in only in Document Management libraries. 

In all libraries in which you want to save single or batch emails from Outlook, you must create a String property called Email ID in the document class in which you want to use the add-in. 

Optionally, you can create the following properties in the document class. They will be populated with the corresponding email details where present.

Property name Property type Additional details
Date Sent Date  
Recipients Person Multi-value
Sender Person Multi-value (to allow group email addresses)
Subject String  
Email ID String  
Thread ID String  
Cc Person Multi-value
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