Install the Outlook add-in on your AODocs domain

The Outlook add-in lets you save emails and their attachments to AODocs Document Management libraries using Google Cloud Storage or Azure Blob storage. You can also use the Outlook add-in to pick attachments from AODocs and add them to a draft email.

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This article is for Microsoft 365 administrators. It explains how to install the Outlook add-in for all users on your domain. 

Learn more about installing the Outlook add-in individually.

Important: You can't install the Outlook add-in unless your organisation has specific licences. Contact your AODocs sales representative or send an email to

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Install the Outlook add-in

Follow the procedure in the Microsoft documentation: Deploy an Office Add-in using the admin center.

It describes how to install an add-on for:

  • a group of users
  • an organizational unit
  • the whole domain

In step 3:

  • Select Upload custom apps.


  • Select I have a URL for the manifest file.
  • Paste the URL corresponding to your AODocs instance:
    • (US instance)

    • (EU instance)

Learn more: Find out which AODocs instance you're using.

  • Click Upload.


Skip step 4.

Grant administrator consent

If administrator consent is required for user add-ins on your tenant, you must:

1. Sign in to Outlook with a Microsoft 365 administrator account.

2. Open the add-in.

3. Give administrator consent in the dialog that appears.

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