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This article is for users working on an AODocs domain that allows Microsoft users to sign in to AODocs. 

Learn more: Who can access AODocs?

Note: If you're a user with a Google Account working on an AODocs domain without the ability for Microsoft users to sign in to AODocs, when you access AODocs you're simply prompted to sign in with your Google Account.

When you access AODocs for the first time:

1. Enter the URL provided for your AODocs domain into your browser. The URL looks like this:

The sign in page opens. 

2. Select either:

  • Sign in with Google
  • Sign in with Microsoft


3. After signing in with your corporate Google Account or Microsoft account, you're redirected to the page you initially requested. For example, if you entered the URL for the AODocs homepage on your domain, the AODocs homepage opens, showing the libraries you have access to. Learn more: What is the AODocs homepage?

When you access AODocs again on the same device, you don't need to sign in again.  

Learn more about managing your account: 

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