What is Migrate for AODocs?

Migrate for AODocs is a tool that allows you to migrate files and folders into your AODocs libraries.

Learn more: AODocs overview: Choose an AODocs library

With Migrate for AODocs, you can: 

  • preview the file and folder structure before running the migration
  • configure your file and folder data before their creation as AODocs documents and folders
  • define the structure of your migrated files before creating them in AODocs

Important: Migrate for AODocs is currently available for our service teams only. For EAP access, contact dev-migration@altirnao.com

 Where can Migrate for AODocs migrate from? 
 What is the Migrate for AODocs process?

Where can Migrate for AODocs migrate from? 

You can migrate data from:

  • File systems
  • Google Drive
  • Lotus Notes
  • SharePoint
  • Google spreadsheets

What is the Migrate for AODocs process? 

The Migrate for AODocs migration process has six stages:

1. Analysis: You can generate a preview of the migration spreadsheet. This lets you analyse the data before the extraction.

2. Extraction: Migrate for AODocs extracts file data and fills in the migration spreadsheet.

3. Upload: Migrate for AODocs completes the extraction and: 

  • uploads data into the Google Drive migration accounts
  • transfers ownership to the AODocs storage account
    Learn more: What is the AODocs storage account?
  • gives migrated files a Google Drive file ID

4. Setup: You can manually configure fields, categories and folders in the migration spreadsheet. Your changes are applied before the documents are created in AODocs.

5. Creation: Create the AODocs documents and folders with the configured data applied. 
Learn more: What is an AODocs document?

6. Report (not currently available)

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