Run delta migrations

Migrate for AODocs is a tool that allows you to migrate files and folders into your AODocs libraries.

When you have completed a migration, you can run it again to pick up any files that were added or changed since you ran the migration.

The use case for delta migrations is when you run large-scale migrations while users are still continuing to work on the source files. You run an initial migration that may take several days, then run a delta migration to ensure your AODocs documents are completely up to date.

– You can only run delta migrations on migrations that you ran in advanced mode.
– You can run delta migrations on all types of migration except "From scratch".

1. In the Finished tab, click the name of the migration you want to rerun. The right panel opens. 

2. Click Create delta migration

3. Click Yes to confirm. Your migration reruns with exactly the same settings as before. Learn more: Run your migration.

Tip: Open the Running tab to follow the progress of your delta migration.

During the delta migration, if Migrate for AODocs finds:

  • files have been added to your source location – these files are migrated
  • files that were already migrated and have since been modified – a new version of the AODocs document is created from the new file
    Learn more: Manage document versions in AODocs libraries


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