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AODocs gives you the opportunity to create a library from a template. Using this feature will make it easier for you to create a library, following a pattern fitting your needs.

Note: When creating a library from a template, the library permissions,  documents and attachments are copied in the form of the originals.

To create a library from a template, click on “CREATE” (1) from the AODocs homepage.

Creating a new AODocs library from a template

In the “CREATE” tab, the left panel offers three options to create a library:

  • Create your library from scratch (3): three types of blank libraries are available

Learn more here: Create my first Team Folder library

Learn more here: Create my first Secured Folder library

Learn more here: Create my first Document Management library

  • Create a library from a template (4)

Choosing a way to create your library

Select one of the various templates available on the left of the screen (5), to create your new library from the template which best matches your expectations. A description of each template appears on the right side (6).

Note: you can see the type of library you’ll create with each template, thanks to the icon on the left:

 stands for Document Management libraries and opens in AODocs

 is used for Team Folder and Secured Folder libraries and opens in Drive 

Choosing the template “Product Catalog”

The description presents the main features of the library and provides you with some tutorials.

Tutorials and description of the template “Product Catalog”

Once you’ve found the template which fits your needs, click on “Create Library” to create your new library (7).

Creating a new library from the “Product Catalog” template

A pop-up appears and AODocs asks you to enter the name of your new library (8).

Note: The library name can contain any kind of character (including special characters) but the library name must be unique (two libraries in the same domain can not have the same name).

AODocs will then ask you to select a storage account for your new library (9).

If you have only one storage account configured on your domain, it is selected by default.

If several storage accounts have been configured, select the storage account you want to assign to this library from the list of available storage accounts.

Learn more here: The AODocs storage account

Click on "Create Library" (10) to create your new library from the “Product Catalog” template.

Creating your new library from the “Product Catalog” template

Your library is now created following the “Product Catalog” pattern. The homepage of your library opens in the AODocs User Interface.

On the library homepage, you can find several links to help you get started and configure your library (11).

Accessing the new library

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