UFO V0.12 Release notes

Dear UFO users,

We are pleased to announce a new version of the Universal File Opener!

A big thank you to all our beta users who have sent us their feedback.

Below you will find the improvements and bug fixes in UFO Version 0.12. 

What’s new
Other improvements

What’s new

New location for the UFO button

In response to the feedback from several of our customers, we  decided to change the behavior of the UFO button. It now behaves like the Smartbar buttons, and appears on the line when hovering over the file.


Local storage

To better manage the files that UFO has stored on your computer, we have added the following features (the icons will appear when you hover a file in the list):

  • Delete files one by one
  • Open a file directly from the local storage by clicking on its name
  • Access to the Google Drive folder where the file is located


You can also find more information like location, owner, creation date, modification date, and a thumbnail (if available).

To keep the size of the local cache under control, the UFO will keep only the 100 most recent files in the local storage, and will automatically delete files that have not been modified locally in the last 30 days.

Other improvements

  • If you click on a large file by mistake, you can interrupt the download or the upload by clicking on the cancel button under the notification “Opening files…”



Bug fixes

  • Renamed files in Drive will not trigger an error notification when edited.
  • Chrome OS users will not be prompted to install the client (Chrome OS is still NOT supported).

Coming soon

We are working on new features:

  • Lock a file for editing to avoid conflicting modifications:
  • Locking a file automatically when opened
  • Unlocking a file manually
  • Opening a file that is locked by another user


If you find have any feedback or issues, you can submit a ticket on our support site.

Thank you in advance and enjoy this new version! We look forward to hearing what you think.

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