AODocs mobile app 13.0 Release Notes

Dear AODocs user,

We’re pleased to announce the new version of the AODocs mobile app. We really hope you enjoy it!

GCS attachments are standard attachments!

Some of your libraries store attachments in Google Cloud Storage (GCS)? If you access these libraries with the mobile app, you’ll notice that GCS files are now displayed in the Attachments section, just like Google Drive attachments. And you can remove & restore them as well! In other words, everything you can do with Google Drive attachments is now available for GCS attachments too, except for uploading images. But we’re already working on filling this gap!


Rename attachments

When you attach a file as a picture in a document, it can be frustrating if the file name is generated by your Smartphone. We added the possibility to rename attachments in Document Management libraries, so you can now define your own file name. And this new feature is available for both Google Drive and GCS files!



We improved the navigation inside the document edition page:

  • The keyboard automatically closes when you scroll.
  • The space where you can tap to edit individual properties has been increased

Have a new feature idea or request for the AODocs mobile app? Continue to share your ideas in our community!


The AODocs Team

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